List of people cryopreserved at KrioRus

At the moment, 96 people have been cryopreserved by KrioRus, including 27 foreign citizens: six (6) from Ukraine, four (4) from Italy, three (3) from the Republic of Belarus, two (2 ) from France; two (2) from Estonia and one each from the Australia, Georgia (brought from Turkey), India (brought from London, Great Britain), Israel,  Japan, the Netherlands, South Korea, Switzerland and USA. We also cryopreserved a woman from China, who is temporarily stored in Beijing on a private territory. Among the people who have concluded contracts for the future cryopreservation there are citizens of the following countries: Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Republic of Belarus, Russian Federation, Ukraine.

Patient name and country Cryopreservation date Cryopreservation type Media publications City
2003 year
1 Morenkov Alfred, Russian Federation 12.05.2003 Neuropresevation   Pushchino, Moscow region.
2005 year
2 Fedorenko Lidia, Russian Federation 2005  Neuropresevation

Пресс-релиз (рус.) , Репортаж на «Первом канале», в газете «Комсомольская правда»

St. Petersburg
2006 year
3 Woman, Russian Federation 2006  Full-body, stored in a private area   Moscow
2007 year
4 Man, Russian Federation 2007  Full-body, stored in a private area   Moscow
5 Woman, Russian Federation 03.04.2007 Full-body, stored in a private area   Kemerovo, Siberia
2008 year
6 маленький флаг УкраиныChernaia Liubov., Ukraine 07.09.2008 Neuropresevation Черная Любовь Пантелеевна - криопациент № 6. Kirovograd
7 Флаг Украины маленький Sergei, Ukraine 17.12.2008 Neuropresevation   Kirovograd
8 Woman, Russian Federation 31.12.2008 Neuropresevation   Moscow
2009 year
9 Маленький флаг ЭстонииWoman, Estonia 06.02.2009 Full-body   Tallinn
10 Kiseleva Lyudmila, Russian Federation 05.07.2009 Full-body 10th Russian cryopatient  Saratov
11 Jóhann О., The Netherlands 05.08.2009 Full-body 11th Russian cryopatient Rotterdam
2010 year
12 Man, Ukraine 07.05.2010 Full-body Our 12th patient - we have cryonized a man from Kiev Kiev
13 Man, Russian Federation 22.07.2010 Full-body, storage on private property   Moscow
14 Man, Russian Federation 08.08.2010 Full-body Our 13th patient Moscow
15 Jurasova Kira, Russian Federation 19.09.2010 Neuropresevation 14th KrioRus patient St. Petersburg
16 Bogemskaya Kseniya, Russian Federation 24.09.2010 Neuropresevation 15th KrioRus patient Moscow
2011 year
17 Samykina Valentina, Russian Federation 02.04.2011 Full-body 16th Cryopreservation  Moscow
18 Visheva Ol'ga, Russian Federation 27.07.2011 Neuropresevation 17th cryopreservation in Russia Сhelyabinsk
19 Woman, Russian Federation 24.12.2011 Full-body 18th KrioRys cryopatient  Chelyabinsk region
2012 year
20 Russian Federation 17.04.2012 Full-body Our 19th patient, cryopreserved for future Moscow
21 Russian Federation 04.05.2012 Neuropresevation 20th cryonics patient of Russia Moscow
22 Man, Israel 06.07.2012 Full-body    
23 Woman, Russian Federation 04.08.2012 Full-body   Vladivostok
24 Russian Federation 06.11.2012 Neuropresevation   Perm
25 Russian Federation 07.12.2012 Neuropresevation   Perm region
2013 year
26 Woman, Russian Federation 17.02.2013 Full-body 25th cryopatient of KrioRus! Kungur, Perm region
27 O. G., Russian Federation 28.05.2013 Full-body Cryopreservation report. O. G. - 26th Russian cryopatient  Novosibirsk, Siberia
28 Sannikova Nadezhda, Russian Federation 12.06.2013 Full-body   Moscow
29 Russian Federation 21.06.2013 Neuropresevation   Moscow
30 Lomzhev Alexey, Russian Federation 26.06.2013 Full-body   Arkhangelsk
31 Russian Federation 31.08.2013 Neuropresevation   Moscow
32 Woman, Russian Federation 07.09.2013 Neuropresevation Cryopatient №31 - a sad story Orel region
33 Man, Italia 19.09.2013 Full-body Our first cryopatient from Italy  
34 Woman, Russian Federation 24.09.2013 Neuropresevation   Krasnoyarsk region, Siberia
35 Man, Republic of Belarus 15.11.2013 Neuropresevation, storage on private property   Minsk
36 Woman, Russian Federation 08.12.2013 Neuropresevation   Moscow
2014 year
37 Jane Haiko, USA 17.01.2014 Full-body Jane Haiko - the first American cryopatient at KrioRus Sacramento, CA
38 Man, Russian Federation 11.03.2014 Neuropresevation   Novosibirsk, Siberia
39 Woman, Russian Federation 22.08.2014 Neuropresevation   Moscow
40 Mihoko Nishikawa, Japan 28.10.2014 Full-body First cryopatient of Japan! Yokohama
41 Woman, Russian Federation 29.10.2014 Full-body 41th cryonics patient of KrioRus Moscow
2015 year
42 Man, Switzeland 07.01.2015 Full-body   Geneva
43 Man, Australia 03.06.2015 Full-body   Sydney
44 Man, Russian Federation 02.07.2015 Neuropresevation   Moscow
45 Woman, Russian Federation 16.09.2015 Full-body   St. Petersburg
46 Woman, Russian Federation 27.10.2015 Neuropresevation   St. Petersburg
47 Woman, Russian Federation 29.10.2015 Neuropresevation 47th KrioRus cryopatient  Tver
48 Woman, Russian Federation 02.11.2015 Neuropresevation   Vologda
49 Man, Russian Federation 11.11.2015 Neuropresevation   Moscow
50 Woman, Russian Federation 27.12.2015 Neuropresevation   Moscow region
2016 year
51 Cecilia Iubei, Italy 07.04.2016 Full-body 51st cryonics patient of "KrioRus" again from Italy! Siena
2017 year      
52  Woman, Russian Federation 03.01.2017 Full-body   Moscow
53 Man, Russian Federation 01.05.2017 Neuropresevation   Novosibirsk
54 Man, France 28.06.2017 Full-body  


55 Ryabinina Galina, Italy 13.10.2017 Full-body In the company "KrioRus" the 55th patient was cryopreserved Bologna
56 Woman, Russian Federation 23.12.2017 Neuropresevation   Moscow
2018 year
57 Woman, Russian Federation 08.01.2018 Neuropresevation   Moscow region
58 Alexey Lomgev-senior, Russian Federation  27.01.2018 Full-body   Vologda
59 Флаг ИталииMan,Italy 22.04.2018 Full-body   Imperia
60 Woman, Russian Federation 27.05.2018 Full-body   Saratov
61 флаг ГрузииWoman, Georgia 28.05.2018 Full-body   Tbilisi
62 Man, India 08.07.2018 Full -body   Allahabad, London
63 Kirilyuk Leonid,  Russian Federation 03.08.2018 Neuropresevation   Vladivostok
64 Woman, Russian Federation  04.09.2018 Neuropresevation   Moscow
65 Man,  Russian Federation 14.09.2018 Neuropresevation   Ulyanovsk
66  Yury Pichugin, Ukraine 28.11.2018 Neuropresevation   Kharkov
2019 year
67 Man, Russian Fedefation 14.05.2019 Neuropresevation

The 67th Kriorus's cryonics patient and family contracts.

68 Sukhovertova Natalija, Russian Federation 22.05.2019 Neuropresevation   Moscow region
69 Osadchaya Valentina, Russian Federation 29.07.2019 Neuropresevation

Our cryonics client: Innokentiy Osadchiy

70 Voronenkova Tatiana Veniaminovna, Russian Federation 07.08.2019 Neuropresevation   Moscow
71 Woman Natalia, Republic of Belarus 27.09.2019 Neuropresevation   Minsk
2020 year
72 Woman, Russian Federation 29.03.2020 Neuropresevation   Moscow
73 Woman, South Korea 01.05.2020 Full-body   Seoul
74 Woman, China 06.05.2020 Full-body   Beijing
75 Woman, Russian Federation 12.05.2020 Neuropresevation   Lipetsk
76 Man, France 18.10.2020 Full-body   Paris
77 Man, Russian Federation 20.10.2020 Neuropresevation   Moscow
78 Woman, Russian Federation 31.12.2020 Neuropresevation   Moscow
2021 year
79 Man, Russian Federation 28.02.2021 Full-body   St. Petersburg
80 Woman, Ukraine 01.05.2021 Neuropresevation   Dnipro


Маленький флаг ЭстонииMan, Estonia 16.06.2021 Full-body   Tartu
82 Woman, Russian Federation 10.11.2021 Neuropresevation   Moscow
83 Флаг Украины маленькийMan, Ukraine 20.11.2021 Neuropresevation   Kyiv
2022 year
84 Man, РФ 06.01.2022 Neuropresevation

84-й криопациент КриоРуса!

85 Woman, Russian Federation 20.06.2022 Neuropresevation   Zheleznodorozhny, Moscow region
86 Woman, Republic of Belarus 22.07.2022 Neuropresevation   Mogilev region
87 Woman, Russian Federation 22.07.2022 Neuropresevation   St. Petersburg
88 Kirilyuk Igor Leonidovich, Russian Federation 05.09.2022 Neuropresevation Kirilyuk Igor - transhumanist, cryonicist, 88th cryopatient of "KrioRus". Photo gallery. Korolev, Moscow region
89 Woman, Russian Federation 11.11.2022 Neuropresevation   St. Petersburg
90 Skvorcova Larisa Georgievna, Russian Federaton 21.12.2022 Neuropresevation   Sochi
2023 year
91 Man, Russian Federaton 21.03.2023 Full-body   Moscow
92 Woman, Russian Federation 31.05.2023 Neuropresevation   Kaluga
93 Woman, Russian Federation 14.07.2023 Full-body

93rd cryopatient KrioRus

94 Man, Russian Federaton 22.07.2023 Full-body   Moscow
95 Man, Russian Federaton 26.11.2023 Neuropresevation   Perm region
  2024 year
96 Vishev Igor  07.06.2024 Neuropresevation Vishev Igor Vladimirovich - Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, 96th cryopatient of KrioRus Chelyabinsk

* Note: for some time, our statistics did not include a person who was cryopreserved in our organization on July 22, 2010 and stored on a private territory. We later included it in our statistics. As a result, from 08.08.2010 to 07.09.2013 you can see a discrepancy between the number of the cryopatient in the left column and the number indicated in the press release. Also, we do not add to the table cryopatients whom we helped to cryoprecipitate, but who are stored in other cryonics companies or in scientific laboratories.


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