Human cryopreservation

Cryonics (cryopreservation  or cryo freezing) is the last resort for the dead and dying to save their lives, albeit in the hope of returning to life sometime in the future. For this, after special procedures (perfusion and vitrification), the clinically and legally dead patient is immersed into a low-temperature medium where almost all chemical reactions are stopped. The first cryopatient, an American professor James Bedford, has been cryopreserved for almost 50 years with no sign of change or deterioration.

Properly conducted procedures of cryopreservation and reliable storage, anticipating ongoing medical and technological advance, affords hope in the future to repair or replace the cells of brain and body. In the prognosis of modern science, a cryopatient can indeed be some day revived and return to life.

All these procedures are available for yourself or your loved ones from KrioRus, as are contingency plans and arrangements, because it is always best to be prepared. In the event of such an emergency, we can cryopreserve the patient quickly and reliabily, mantaing his or her body up to the time when the technology to reanimate cryopatents arrives. We aspire to restore our patients to new life, health and vigor. This is our mission. You have made the right decission to reach outl to us.

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In human cryopreservation, the brain must be preserved in order to preserve person's personality, . Neurocryonization preserves all the neurons and connecting elements in the brain. From a scientific point of view, only in the brain resides the memory and the greater part of information of individual function and identity encoded and mantained.

You can arrange the cryo freezing of the brain only. The procedure is called neuropreservation. Whole body cryopreservation is also on offer at KrioRus. Our terms for arranging either of these procedures follow in greater detail.

We strongly recommend finalization of cryopreservation arrangements well in advance, while the future patient is still of sound mind and body. This will greatly improve the quality of cryopreservation, saving the precious time when seconds will matter, for all such logistical prerequisites as persuasion of shocked and grieving relatives, obtaining agreement with physicians, ritual and other services, time of transportation from morgue to operating room and so on. Such foresight assures better viability of the preserved cells of the cryopatient.

Whole body preservation

Brain or head preservation may seem all the more macabre to the more conventionally minded. In order to minimize offence to the sensibilities of grieving family and friends, whole body preservation of cryopatient may be deemed better suitable. One may also consider more likely the repair of cryopreserved tissue, of the entire body, than whatever mode of complete bodily replacement, though others make exactly the opposite prediction, that replacement will actually be easier.

All procedures are the same for both whole body and neuropreservation, except that for whole body preservation and storage, perfusion and storagei become more complicated and costly. So the fees for cryopreservation of cryopatient’s entire body are currently 46 000 USD or equivalent in roubles.

About half of all Russian cryonics patients choose whole body preservation. We have a lot of experience in such procedures.


Neuropreservation is preservation of human brain only, at the very low temperatures. Usually people aware of new technologies and technological and scientific projections are interested in neuropreservation. Neuropreservation is an option for those who appreciate that the human personality – according to the modern scientific view - resides in the brain, and those who expect that in the future a new body, complete with working organs, limbs and everything else, can be grown from stem cells of fabricated artificially for the revival of cryopatients. In all these areas research is advancing all over the world.

In this case we preserve the brain or head of the patient, at their behest, having made as far as possible the best qualitative perfusion and having provided maximally reliable storage. The body of the patient may be buried or cremated after perfusion or even donated to science and medicine. Such additional expenses may not be included in the cryonics fees. Cost of neuropreservation is 23000 USD for remote cryopreservation (cryo freezing) (abroad)  (or equivalent in roubles or other currency). 

Finance and payment plans are flexible. But a lump sum payment when making arrangements and signing up, is recommended. This option provides the greatest assurance to cryonic patients, oneself or ones loved ones, affording and assuring all rights to treatment, paid in full with no unresolved finances or lingering financial burdens during time of crisis and confusion.

  1. Neuropreservation with one year credit payment;
  2. Neuropreservation, a contract with yearly payment;

Regarding the death of brain, safety of neurons after legal death and about connectome, read the article “Cryonics & medicine”.

Additional options

Unprepared cryopreservation

Unprepared, emergency cryopreservation denotes a case of such circumstances wherein the future patient has recently died or entered into critical condition, and no agreement with cryonic company was previously finalized. In such cases KrioRus will not have enough time to prepare, because each case is unique and requires an individual approach. In this case the base price of agreement will be the same neuropreservation or whole body preservation fees, but possibly some additional expenses as may also arise.

Be aware. also, that in cases of emergency cryopreservation, the quality of cell and tissue preservation and the safety of cryonics patient is always therefore at all suboptimal.

We strongly recommend you finalize your contract well in advance and carefully prepare your cryopreservation – the perilous journey to the future.  


If you have the foresight to prepare for cryopreservation in advance, then you have the option to pay for cryopreservation by instalments. In cases when something happens to the client before finalization of payment agreement, the balance may be paid by their estate, as specified in last will and testament. In the case of full body preservation the credit is fixed individually.

We instruct our clients as to how to make all arrangements in advance including provisions in the will and what other documents should to be executed.


Standby services

Death does not always come suddenly, but often well heralded in advance. For those who can afford it, we offer standby services for quickest most efficient response.

If you can afford to pay for standby services, we are ready to send in the experts well prepared to carry out cryopreservation. This option is treated separately and is billed by individual agreement. Fees will depend upon location of the patient, planned for duration of standby, and the availability of required materials, equipment and experts. In detail see Other services.

Additional information

Can the cryoconservation be covered by insurance?
We do not offer our clients to pay the cryopreservation by life insurance for various reasons. One of them – low efficiency and reliability of insurance companies. We believe that democratic schemes of payment of contracts for cryopreservation, having developed by us, will better protect our clients and will be more helpful for cryonics.

Does KrioRus collaborate with physicians and funeral directors?
Yes, we establish as far as possible partnership relations with physicians and agencies of funerary ritual. Such collegiality and collaboration has demonstrated fruitful impact upon the quality and alacrity of cryopreservation and is also profitable for all parties.


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