Our mission is to preserve the human personality by means of  high-quality cryoconservation of the human brain or the whole body until technologies for reviving cryopatients are developed and to restore them to full life in good health.

Values and objectives

Life preservation
Scientific validation of technologies
Solid business reputation
Popularization of cryonics

Strategic aims


  • The safest cryopreservation of patients
  • Active integration with the world’s cryonics community


  • Leading position in the Russian cryonics market
  • Employment of world-class experts for co-operation
  • Ongoing education, explanation and popularization

High quality

  • Introduction of improved vitrification methods
  • Quick technological deployment from the latest cutting edge in cryogenics and cryobiology as applicable to cryopreservation of animal life
  • Ongoing and unrelenting improvement of quality and cost effectiveness

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