If you want to protect yourself from death or save a loved one by getting a chance for life extension in the future, KrioRus will help you. While most people traditionally choose burial or cremation after death, you can, by using our services, protect anyone, giving him a chance to be revived in the future.


This our company's main focus. The human cryopreservation contract includes:

  • initial cryopreservation (with cryoprotective perfusion when possible),
  • patient storage for indefinite time at cryogenic (very low) temperature,
  • revival of the person in the future.

All procedures are done by our experienced staff.
You can benefit from our services regardless of where you are: in Russia, neighbouring countries or far away from Russia.
There are more details about human cryopreservation in KrioRus, prices and other terms at the Human cryopreservation page.
Please note that high quality of cryopreservation depends on preparations and that depends on whether you sign a contract in advance. 


The lifespan of our pets is very short. What can we do about it? Today, in XXI century you can preserve your beloved pets using cryonics with the hope to ultimately revive them.

KrioRus is the only cryonics organisation in Russia that does cryopreservation of pets. In our cryogenic storage facility, 14 dogs, 30 cats, 4 birds, one fish and 15 rodents are already awaiting their future: 7 hamsters, 5 rabbits, a degu, a chinchilla and a guinea pig.

For example, the price for cryopreserving a small cat in Moscow equals about 10 000$.

The contract for cryopreservation of a pet includes.

  • initial cryopreservation (cryoprotective perfusion if necessary)
  • storage of a cryonics patient for an uncertain period of time,
  • revival of your animal in the future.

All procedures are done by experienced staff.
You can read more information about pet cryopreservation service in our company, as well as about prices and other terms on the Cryopreservation of pets.
Please note that a high quality of cryopreservation can only be achieved with contract that hasn't lapsed 


In relation to human cryopreservation people often need other services. For example, it can be "a service to the operating room his pet or patients" or house animals. Also, it can include legal support and organisational support for remote customers.

In some cases DNA or tissue sample storage can be required. Also, cryonics customers may request a "standby" - specialists waiting by the bedside to do a good perfusion - as good as it gets. Every step in this direction counts. Other valuable services include digitizing and storing archives.

These additional services are combined in one place on the Other services page.



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