For cryonization, storage and later resuscitation of cryopatients, a lot of scientific and laboratory equipment is needed. We are constantly studying the market of medical, laboratory and scientific equipment, purchasing different equipment and testing it. 

Unfortunately, at the moment a lot of equipment necessary for perfusion is not produced industrially. Also dewars and program freezers with the required characteristics have to be manufactured individually. We are developing this area.

At the moment the company has its own cryopreservatory (cryodepository) located in the near Moscow region. All necessary equipment is placed in the storage facility: 

    • a unique composite dewar "Anabiosis-1", designed to store 8-10 patient bodies,
    • a newer, also composite, dewar for full-body storage of 8-10 patients "Anabioz-2",

    • CryoRus also has new full-body dewars "Anabioz-3" and "Anabioz-4" on order.
    • a metal dewar KA-2, also unique, designed to store 2 patients (full-body),
    • two large cryostats for storage of bodies in dry ice (for 6-8 and 4 patients), 
    • dewar XB-0.25 for 250 square liters for storage of small biological objects 
    • A large amount of laboratory and additional equipment for storage of cryopatients and various biological samples (DNA, cord blood, etc.).

You can familiarize yourself with the various equipment used at CryoRus by visiting our photo galleries:



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