About us

Our company KrioRus is a research organisation that in 2006 became the first outside the United States to provide cryonics for humans and animals. KrioRus is also a renowned genetic bank of plants and animals: rare, wild and domestic, including agricultural animals.

We not only cryopreserve humans and animals, but also preserve biological materials containing DNA. We also offer storage services for personal digital archives for the possible creation of digital identities in the future.

In the field of cryonics, we carry out the following research activities:

  • initial preparation of patients — human and animal — for cryopreservation: premedication, cooling, organisation of the process and assistance with paperwork;
  • perfusion— a special surgical procedure to replace blood with cryoprotectants by connecting it to the circulatory system, diffuse perfusion or performing perfusion according to other experimental protocols;
  • storage of cryonisc patients at ultra-low temperatures in our cryobank (cryopreservation facility).

We plan to resuscitate and cure our cryopatients in the future.

Currently, 97 human patients and 64 animals have been cryopreserved in Russia by KrioRus and now these patients are being stored in liquid nitrogen in anticipation of the future technology for their revival. More than 600 clients have signed contracts with KrioRus for their own cryopreservation and the cryopreservation of their relatives after their death. In 2012 the famous cryobiologist Yury Igorevich Pichugin, who conducted scientific research in cryobiology in our lab, signed his cryonics contract with us. Unfortunately, he died in 2018 and was cryopreserved by us. There are citizens of Australia, the USA, the Netherland, Great Britain, Estonia, Denmark, France, Japan and other countries among KrioRus’s clients. 

KrioRus was set up in 2005 as one of the projects of the Russian Transhumanist Movement (the organization is now called the International Transhumanist Movement, ITM), a public organization, engaged in promoting transhumanism and immoralism, investigating the prospects of advanced technological development and the popularization of science. However, even before the legal registration of the company, Igor Artukhov, who later became a member and a science director of KrioRus (2006-2011 and 2014), cryopreserved the first cryonics patient in Russia in 2003. Thus, the first cryonics patient has been stored for more than 16 years. 

We are constantly developing our company: 

  • improving the perfusion and storage technologies,
  • working to increase the reliability of storage,
  • mastering and creating equipment for cryonics,
  • conducting research in the field of cryobiology.

 KrioRus is also engaged in the commercial side of the cryonics process, concludes contracts, cryopreserves its patients, conducts scientific research and provides logistics. The ITM helps to educate people and popularize cryonics ideas, to conclude international contacts, to store cryonics patients, it creates the instrument base and attracts volunteers to various KrioRus projects free of charge.

Initially, KrioRus was established to provide cryonics services to the members of the company, their relatives and the ITM members and also to develop the scientific and technological base of cryonics. Pursuant to growing public interest among Russian citizens, we decided to offer the cryonics services to all Russian citizens (first in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg only). Since 2006 we offer experimental cryopreservation services for humans and animals and some additional services for all citizens of Russia and foreign countries.

Currently, the company possesses cryonics facilities (cryodepositaries) located in the Moscow region. Our cryonics facilities are fully equipped and has all the necessary supplies: 

  • Unique Dewars Anabiosis-1 and Anabiosis-2, designed to store up to 10 full-body patients each,
  • three large cryostats for preserving patients’ bodies in dry ice (for 6, 8 and 4 patients),
  • Dewars HB-0,25 (capacity 250 l) to store small biological objects,
  • Dewars HB-0,5 (capacity 500 l),
  • Large number of small capacity Dewars (from 17 to 45 l),
  • Large number of various laboratory devices designed to store patients and different biological samples (DNA, umbilical cord blood, etc.)

Mastered production technology of special devices designed specially for cryonics, Dewars and cryostats allows us to install new storage units in a short time to meet demand and open modular cryonics storage facilities.

Our cryonics facilities are secured 24/7. There are several independent industrial sources of liquid nitrogen and dry ice nearby, which increases the storage reliability.

KrioRus’s experts are ready to carry out initial preparation of the body and/or the brain for cryopreservation and to perform high-quality cooling and perfusion, capably and professionally. We have all the necessary facilities and means to carry out perfusion and to store our patients. Igor Artukhov, who can boast a vast experience, is the head of the Perfusion Department. Before, this position was held by Yury Pichugin, PhD, who worked as a Chief Researcher at Cryonics Institute, USA, for a long time.

Our company has a long history of collaboration with doctors, funeral agents, hospitals, mortuaries and transportation companies, which have mortuary transportation and abroad repatriation experience, including body transportation in dry and ordinary ice.

KrioRus maintains has established partnerships with all American cryonics companies. We have reached an agreement with the Cryonics Institute on assistance in transportation of Russian patients who wish to be cryopreserved in the CI. The agreement between KrioRus and the American Cryonics Society is currently being discussed. The agreements on joint projects with cryonic organizations of China and Finland, and later with a company from South Korea were signed in 2014.

At the beginning of 2012, we performed the experiments in neurocryobiology. They were the first experiments of this kind in Russia. Among KrioRus advisers there are experts in cryobiology, including those now working at the laboratories in the US and Switzerland, leading nanotechnologists, as well as experts in tissue culture, growing organs and in other aspects of regenerative medicine.

 Italian representative office of KrioRus in Mirandola (Northern Italy) has been operating since 2016. It is called «Polistena Human Criopreservation». Currently, we consider the options of opening representative offices in the United States and Switzerland.

 On 10 August 2017, our company signed a cooperation agreement with the consortium Space technologies and now we offer our clients an option of storing the brain/head/body of cryonics patients in near-earth orbit.

Our company supports the idea of cloning, and therefore in 2019 we also became representatives of the American company ViaGen Pets, the most famous pet cloning company. 
We are also partners of the Chinese company "Sinogene", which also deals with cloning of pets.



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