Pets cryopreservation

The life of a beloved pet, all too brief, just too sweet to last, so it seems. But what to do?

Many of us keep photos and videos. Once, only the wealthy could afford portrait paintings. Some today even resort to taxidermy, a comfort for some though just macabre for others. But now there is another option than mere mementoes and wistful sentiment: Cryonics is not just for humans. Pets are loved ones too! And Cryonics affords the hope towards future feasibility of delayed resuscitation back into life and full health, fo humans and animals alike. The reunion with loved ones is something look forward to, even though the cryonic patient will not experience passage of the intervening time, and a pet will have inkling at all, as if the years never passed. 

KrioRus is the only Russian company that cryopreserve pets. In our cryostorage already await 61 animals: 13 dogs, 28 cats, 4 birds, 1 fish, 15 rodents, including: 1 chinchilla, 1 common degu, 5 rabbits, 7 hamsters and 1 guinea pig. Pricing for such services are set individually depending upon pet size, species of animal, distance from residence to the cryonic facility and other factors. For instance, the price for cryopreservation (cryo freezing) of a little cat in Moscow is around 15 000 USD. At the same time the price for cryopreservation of a big dog body (50-70 kg) could come up to 35 000  USD.

The contract for cryopreservation includes:

primary cryopreservation (perfusion when it is possible),
indefinite term of cryostorage of the patient,
and revival of your pet in the future when such becomes technologically possible.

All procedures are carried out by proficient experts. But high quality of cryopreservation requires advance finalization of the agreement. Because all of your loved ones are worth it.  

At the moment we have saved 61 animals: 13 dogs, 28 cats, 4 birds, 1 fish, 15 rodents, including: 1 chinchilla, 1 common degu, 5 rabbits, 7 hamsters and 1 guinea pig.

12 Alabai Jack, boy 17.01.2023 Preservation of the body г. Kemerovo, Russia
11 Caucasian shepherd dog Colin, boy 14.01.2023 Preservation of the body г. Padua, Italy
11 Dog Kangi 27.12.2021 Preservation of the body Tallinn, Estonia
10 Dog Motya 14.12.2018 Motya (Neuropresevation) Moscow region, Russian Federation
9 Dog 17.11.2017   Moscow, Russian Federation
8 Dog 26.05.2016   Moscow, Russian Federation
7 Cora, girl 04.07.2015   Khimki, Moscow region, Russian Federation
6 Houston, boy 28.04.2015 Houston Moscow, Russian Federation
5 Bony (Bonaparte), boy 20.03.2012   Odintsovo, Moscow Region, Russian Federation
4 Fanny, girl 14.11.2010 Fanny - a dog from Portugal Porto, Portugal
3 Kala, girl


Cryopreservation the first dog from Europe

Novo mesto, Slovenia
2 Alice, girl


The history of cryoperservation in the blog of Alice's mistress

Moscow, Russian Federation
1 Mickey     Croatia
28 Cat Nemo 16.10.2023

Our 60th animal client, preservation of the body

Moscow, Russian Federation
27 Cat Grey 03.01.2023


g. o. Orekhovo-Zuevo, Moscow Region
26 Cat Myshanya, boy 20.12.2022 Preservation of the body Moscow, Russian Federation
25  Kitten Malyshok (tr. Baby, boy) 05.12.2022   Chekhov district, Moscow region, Russian Federation
24 Oliver, boy 19.10.2022   Sweden
23 Vasija, boy 03.08.2022 Preservation of the body Severodvinsk city, Russian Federation
22 Basija, girl, silver Bengal 04.06.2021 Preservation of the body Moscow, Russian Federation
21 Cat, girl, white 26.11.2020 Preservation of the body Samara, Russian Federation
20 Khvostik (Small Tail in Russian), boy 18.11.2020 Preservation of the body St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
19 Vasiliy, boy 13.09.2020   Zelenograd, Moscow Region, Russian Federation
18 Cat Mjavoo, boy 14.06.2020   St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
17 Cat, boy 10.02.2020   Luxembourg
16 Bengal cat, girl 24.05.2019   Moscow, Russian Federation


Oscar, boy 30.01.2019   Moscow, Russian Federation
14 Cat, girl 14.09.2018   St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
11 - 13 4 cats of Tatiana Yu. 2015 - 2018   Moscow, Russian Federation
10 Syr, boy, (Cheese in Russian) 23.04.2018

The history of cat Syr

Moscow, Russian Federation
9 Stepan, boy 29.01.2017

Cryyoperservation of the cat Stepan

Moscow, Russian Federation
8 Laska, girl 14.07.2015 The history of cat Lask Moscow, Russian Federation
7 Kitten Kotienka, boy 15.02.2015   Moscow, Russian Federation
6 Cat, boy 16.01.2014 Hello, the first cat from Ukraine!  Kiev, Ukraine
5 Kitia, boy 2013 The first cryogencat from St. Petersburg
Article in the newspaper "MK"
St. Peterburg, Russian Federation
4 Philip, boy 02.01.2011 A resident of Moscow cryoperservated her beloved cat Elektrostal, Moscow region, Russian Federation
3 Kuzya, boy 2009   Ramenskoye, Moscow Region, Russian Federation
2 Tanya, girl 27.04.2012   Moscow, Russian Federation
1 Kotya, boy     Moscow, Russian Federation
4 Parrot Sasha, boy 11.2018   Novorossiysk, Russian Federation
3 Titmouse     Moscow, Russian Federation
2 Goldfinch     Moscow, Russian Federation
1 Nestling fof the KrioRus     Moscow, Russian Federation
15 Guinea pig Josvin 03.11.2023 Page in VK "Yosvin, Pati and Venya" Urban district of Orekhovo-Zuyevo, Moscow region, Russia
14 Hamster Tony Stark 25.12.2022   Moscow, Russian Federation
13 Small rabbit 3 19.12.2022   Tver region, Russian Federation
12 Small rabbit 2 19.12.2022   Tver region, Russian Federation
11 Small rabbit 1 17.10.2022   Tver region, Russian Federation
10 Common degu Milka, girl 17.07.2022

The First cryopreserved degu

Moscow, Russian Federation
9 Hamster Pantufl` 16.07.2021 Preservation of the body Belgium, Brussels
8 Hamster Mr Putya, boy 27.04.2020 Preservation of the body Tver, , Russian Federation
7 Hamster Cocos, boy 06.01.2020 Preservation of the body Moscow, Russian Federation
6 Hamster Kwyneth, boy 26.12.2019 Kwyneth's history, preservation of the body Belgium, Brussels
5 Rabbit Luna, girl 31.10.2019 Luna, preservation of the body Sweden, 
4 Rabbit Bobo 27.09.2019 Preservation of the body United Kingdom
3 Hamster Homyachok (Small Hamster in English), boy 19.09.2019 Preservation of the body Moscow, Russian Federation
2 Hamster Shokoladka (Chocolate in English) 29.09.2018 Chocolate, preservation of the body Moscow, Russian Federation
1 Chinchilla Knopochka, girl 20.02.2015

Knopochka? preservation of the body

Moscow, Russian Federation
1 Claus, breed: the fighting fish, or Siamese cockerel (Latin: Betta splendens) is a species of fish in the macropod family, boy 14.11.2023

Preservation of the body

Moscow, Russian Federation


Дополнительная информация:

 Video of cryoperservation Alice in January 2008, 171 MB, 7 minutes.



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