Preserved DNA and tissue


Sergey Yakushin immortalized his DNA at the Nekropol exhibition

Sergei Yakushin, president of the international exhibition "Necropolis", immortalized his DNA by preserving it in the DNA storage of the company "CryoRus". DNA freezing of the president of "Nekropolis" was held on November 30, 2013 at the exhibition of funeral services.


Musician of the "Time Machine" intends to revive his father

Famous musician Sergei Kuzminok (former guitarist of the legendary band "Mashina Vremeni" and later director of Igor Talkov) could not come to terms with the death of his father. He froze his DNA and is sure that in the future he will be able to revive his deceased parent


"CryoRus" awards the winners of the literary contest!

Recently, the website of Dilettante magazine hosted a cryonics essay contest titled "Freeze Me. Our cryo-company - although we have not been contacted by the magazine's management - announced that the winners of the contest will receive a special prize - their DNA will be stored in CryoRus and later sequenced.


Learn more about CryoRus' DNA storage service here



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