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Cryopreservation, whether of humans or of animals, is much the same complex process. The success and quality of cryopreservation depends not only upon perfusion, but also upon the timely and proper transportation of cryonics patients. Legalities and logistics of cryonics are crucial.

We offer standby services to those who can afford it, wherein a team of experts keeps death watch at the bedside of the terminally ill client, at home or in the hospital, to carry out cryopreservation immediately upon demise, in order to assure the best possible quality of cryopreservation.

We also provide storage for DNA or biological tissues samples (for non-medical purposes, for example for human or animal DNA sequencing or cloning in the future).

Sometimes the cryopatient also wants his personal digital data and his archives to be safely stored. We can advise you on this matter and help to organize the data processing and storage.


Transportation of cryopatients


The basic costs as detailed in the contract include fees for transportation of cryopatients within greater Moscow. Transportation of cryopatients from outside the region of Moscow is not included in the standard conditions. However, for additional fee, we can organize the necessary transportation.

We often provide transportation of cryopatients in collaboration with specialized funary transport companies, both Russian and foreign. In this case, we ensure the required maintenance of low-temperature, as well as all the necessary legal formalities.

At the moment, each case of transportation is considered individually. The price of transportation depends on the type of transport and on the distance.

The transportation of DNA samples, tissues and various information carriers are organized and paid by the clients.

Corresponding paragraphs of the Contract:            

3.2.2. When the Cryopatient is located in the territory of Moscow, the Contractor will organize the delivery of the Cryopatient after death to perform cryopreservation.

3.2.3. When location area of the Cryopatient is outside of Moscow, the Contractor instructs the Customer or his representatives to arrange delivery and, at Contractor's sole discretion, assist in delivery.

3.2.4. Contractor endeavors to transport the Cryopatient as quickly as possible, taking into accounts transportation (availability of flights, etc.), legal (filing documents required by the public authorities) and other limitations.

Additionally: We have already provided transportation of our patients from Saratov and Ufa, from St. Petersburg and Tallinn, from the Netherlands, Croatia and Portugal! Our experience shows that it is possible to transport cryopatients over long distances fully meeting the technological and scientific requirements of the procedure of low temperature maintenance in transit.


Legal support


The sudden death of a cryopatient raises many legal issues that may cause difficulties for our clients and even for the representatives of  various services. Accordingly to the Contract we provide our clients with basic legal support of the cryopreservation: we will advise you on writing different statements and demands, we will help you to draft the Wills.

In difficult cases we also are ready to provide additional legal support.
It happen to be especially demanded by our foreign clients. The fee must be specified correspondingly to the complexity of the circumstances.

Note: The Russian attorney bar association for human rights (www.rusadvocat.com) offers one free consultation to each of our supporters.


Organizational support


Basic organizational support is provided to our clients within the conditions of their Contract with KrioRus.

We help our clients and we provide preliminary telephone negotiations with chief physicians and other medical staff of the hospitals including  the morgue staff, and the representatives of funary transport companies. By request of cryopatient’s heirs, we can conduct introductory discussion with other relatives.

The arrival of our specialists to the client and the negotiations and other additional local activities (other than in Moscow) incurs additional fees. We can help you to negotiate with consulates, doctors, mortuary and funary transport services, to resolve customs issues entailed in transport, expertly.

Corresponding paragraphs of the Contract:

3.1. After the signing of the Contract the Contractor as agreed with the Customer can send him instructions, equipment or materials for the preparation of the recommended initial actions for cryopreservation.

3.2. After being notified about the critical condition of the Cryopatient, the Contractor advises and makes recommendations for Customer or his representatives about the possible organization of delivery of the Cryopatient after death for conducting a cryopreservation.


StandBy services


Standby regimen denotes the experts from the cryonics company staying by the patient’s side till the moment of the cessation of the heartbeat and legal statement of the death. Once the qualified medical specialists declare the patient’s death, the standby team begins cooling and the cardiopulmonary support (heart massage and artificial respiration) with the purpose to keep the patient’s body in the best state for the perfusion.

For now, Standby services are offered in exceptional circumstances and only under the condition that the Contract was signed and the payment for the cryopreservation was completed in advance. We can help our European clients to conduct the negotiations with local cryonics supporters in different countries, and to help contact newly founded specialized companies, such as EUCRIO.

The cost of this service is relatively high and is discussed individually. For example, in American cryonics companies the cost of Standby services for local clients starts from $40000.


DNA and biological tissues storage


You may also store the DNA of the deceased person at KrioRus, his or her genetic code. Sadly, sometimes the cryopreservation for some reasons does not come to pass. Currently the cost of the complete genome sequencing of the individual is still higher than $10000. However, in 5-10 years, this procedure is expected to become affordable for everyone. We just need to keep the DNA sample of the deceased person or animal until that time. For this purpose you need to take a sample as soon as possible (preferably before the death) and to keep it at the temperature of liquid nitrogen until the time when the technology of DNA analysis will become more affordable and informative.

Perhaps in the future it will be possible to clone a human being, having only his DNA sample. There are already several companies in United States  that clone animals, for example   http://www.myfriendagain.com/, http://www.bioarts.com/, but the procedure is still very expensive and the demand for animal cloning remains low.

According to our standard contract the period of storage of the sample is 25 years. The cost of all services - $1000. At the end of the contract period it can be renewed and extended for an additional fee, or the DNA can be sequenced using the best possible technologies of sequencing by the time the contract ends. The autopsy to acquire the sample and it’s transportation are not included in the basic price. The transportation shall either be organized by the client independently, or arranged by the cryocompany for additional fees.

The storage of small biological samples (less to 0,5 sm3) is offered on the same conditions. :

There is a caveat: Of course a clone will not have the memory of the DNA donor. Only neuropreservation can conserve memory and personality if all goes well.


Personal data and archives digitizing and storage


We can help you to digitize and preserve the most full information about the prospective patient to be cryonized, starting from the information collection to its storage on the most durable physical carrier.

The digitalization by itself is precious, but may also complement cryonization, because the collected information about the person can help in the retrieval and reconstruction of the client’s personality despite the damage caused by the terminal disease, death, and the imperfect storage process and preservation. The physical damage to the brain parts and structure, the loss of the memory fragments is also the loss of integrity of the personality . So the data archive may  turn out to be useful in sunstetution for any memories missing or corrupt beyond reconstruction and retrieval, using reverse reconstruction with additional information, including diaries, video records and more. Sometimes the full personal data storage is referred to as digital immortality.

We highly recommend our clients to store all the available information in addition to cryopreservation. including information acquired from all relatives and friends of the patient. Here is the list of possible physical carriers we recommend you to look for: blogs, photos, documents, stories about the deceased, home videos, if cryonics subject was working at the computer – all the data from his user accounts, his correspondence, log data. The documents on the patients business activity can also be useful, but sometimes their acquisition is not easy.

The digitalization of the personal data is a complex process, but with our help and advice you can collect a large number of diverse material.

Read more about digital immortality.



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