Our 60th animal client

On October 16, 2023, we cryopreserved a cat. 

It is an ordinary, mongrel black-and-white cat with large spots. The situation is unique in that the person who cryonized him was not the cat's owner. He was just found on the street. Apparently, the cat had just died, thrown by a car and given a fatal blow.

In fact, Alexander (this is the name of the client who contracted for the cryonization of the cat) caught the agony of the animal, the last moments. The nearest houses were half a kilometer away, and Alexander decided not to go door to door with the dead cat, not to find out if it had an owner, but to give the cat a chance to live. And we cryopreserved the cat.

We do not know the name of the animal, whether he belonged to someone or was a stray.... But it was probably someone's because it looked healthy, clean and relatively well-fed. But we don't know anything else about him. That's why there's only a posthumous photo.

Members of our Telegram group (invitation link: t.me/joinchat/EEXcC1GmDFJGu9hdWEsomw) suggested we name the kitty Nemo. After all, Captain Nemo was named that because no one ever knew his real name, if he ever had one....

Lucky the cat. At the last moment of his life, he met a man who was able and willing to give him immortality. 
Could you do that?

наш криокот, 60-й клиент-животное


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