Новости крионики


17th Cryopreservation.

On the 27th of July 2011, Olga Aleksandrovna Visheva was cryopreserved. She was the wife of our friend and famous philosopher immortalist Igor Vladimirovich Vishev. Olga Vladimirovna became 17th person...

The 15th KrioRus patient

On September 24, 2010 in Moscow, the 15th patient of KrioRus was Cryonized.She was 65-year-old Moscow resident and renowned woman of the arts, who died from cancer. The procedure was Cryonic Neurosuspension,...

The 14th KrioRus patient

The 14th patient, who was cryopreserved in Russia, was the grandmother of Danila Andreevich Medvedev, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of KrioRus. Our condolences go out to Danila...

Our 12th patient - we have cryonized a man from Kiev

The first KrioRus patient from Kiev (but not from the Ukraine) died from stroke on May 5, 2010, at 7.40 (Moscow time). His relatives contacted us very quickly and at 8.40 we already consulted with them....

Our 13th patient

Today we concluded cryopreservation procedures for our 13th patient.Unfortunately, in respect of the wishes of the patient's family, I cannot reveal many of the details of this case, except that...

The 47th patient of KrioRus

Can the human brain be cryonized after autopsy? Our clients occasionally ask this question. Here is the answer from scientists in cryobiology and cryonics specialists: yes, it can, and it should.Of course...

The Future Shock and the Fate of Zhanna Friske’s Body

Future shock happens when the progress is so fast, and changes are so rapid, that people’s consciousness does not manage to register all of the changes. The result is a state of shock. The term was...



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