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Do you think this is a fantasy? No, the future is being created now!

The General Director of KrioRus Valeriya Udalova (Pride) will speak at the II International Forum of Commercial Space Industry with the presentation titled "Cryonics: suspended animation...

50 years since the first cryopreservation!

In January, 2017 world cryonicist community celebrated half-century anniversary of the first cryopreservation.The first person in the world to be cryopreserved on January 12, 1967 was a...

KrioRus on Necropolis – Tanexpo World Russia 2016 exhibition – day one

We are friends with the head of the exhibition Sergey Borisovich Yakushin, for a long time, since 2013, and now we are maintaining friendly relationship with everyone in his great team and with a lot of...

Exhibition "Necropolis Ural-2016". Report.

At the invitation of "Necropolis", our company - "KrioRus", has participated in the exhibition "Necropolis-Ural 2016" held in Chelyabinsk on March 30-31 this year. This...