KrioRus and the NeuroDAO fund jointly announce inception of the ICO "CryoGen"

The Russian cryonics company KrioRus and the NeuroDAO fund of Singapore hereby jointly declare their support for the impending ICO project: CryoGen.

Agenda: The ambitious project bringing to bear the unique experience and technologies of KrioRus, will pursue the following objectives:

  1.   Innovative development of cryonics in Russia and throughout the world,
  2.   Construction of a large cryogenic storage facility in Switzerland and expansion of existing cryostorage facilities and laboratories in Russia
  3.   The achievement of scientific results in the field of reversible cryopreservation of organs and organisms that can save hundreds of thousands and even millions of lives.

We look forward to outstanding scientific and financial results from Project Cryogen, and make a tentative declaration of pre-ICO, being the first stage of financing aimed at sustaining the ICO project itself, to begin on September 20. More news to come. 

We also believe that, despite the difficulties in regulating this branch of the emerging digital economy, ICO affords unique opportunity to attract funding for cryonics. We are confident in the ethical conduct of the ICO project, taking into account all modern realities of legal regulation of ICO and crypto currency, to afford the unprecedented potential for a technological breakthrough.


What is ICO (initial coin offering)?

Logo of KrioRus

About KrioRus

KrioRus is the 3rd largest and most important cryonics organization in the world. In its development, KrioRus is second only to the two major American companies, those pioneers of cryonics, the Cryonics Institute, and Alcor Life Extension Foundation. KrioRus has its own cryonics storages and the production of dewars which are special vacuum containers for long term storage of cryonics patients. KryoRus has mastered all the latest cryopreservation technologies, The best scientists of this industry in Eurasia work in the scientific division of KrioRus. 


Logo's NeuroDAOAbout the NeuroDAO

The NeuroDAO Foundation in Singapore unites the community of crypto-investors to participate in high-tech projects from the neuro-biotechnical sphere. A NDAO is a non-profit token for the discussion of projects, granting the right to participate in the distribution of 5% of the project's cryptocurrency tokens supported by the fund. Investments in the projects of the fund by participants are carried out independently. The NeuroDAO  Foundation also supports such projects as RUNEURO, OpenLongevity and others.


CRYOGEN's logoAbout Project CryoGen: 

The three primary objectives of Project CRYOGEN: 1. Objective Future Medicine & Mars consists of R & D into reversible cryopreservation of organs and small animals, towards technology to be marketed for medicine; 2. Objective Europe will commence with the inception of a cryostorage facility in Switzerland; 3. Objective Russia is to improve and expand existing services throughout metropolitan Russia and into Europe. 

The website for ProjectCryoGen is currently under construction.

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Follow up to the minute devilments and lend your support to the unique Project CryoGen, a daring leap forward for humanity into a bold new future!