Do you think this is a fantasy? No, the future is being created now!

The General Director of KrioRus Valeriya Udalova (Pride) will speak at the II International Forum of Commercial Space Industry with the presentation titled "Cryonics: suspended animation for space exploration" on March 3.


1.  Cryopreservation of individual organs is almost a reality - what are the latest achievements in the field. For treating Mars colonists a bank of organs grown in advance might come useful.
2. Deep hypothermia as a first step to anabiosis - first clinical trials on humans are underway in Pittsburgh, USA. It is possible that carrying seriously ill colonists to Earth in suspended animation (or leaving them on Mars for some time) will initially be more practical than building high-end clinic there.
3. Outer space exploration is unthinkable without cryonics. We will help the dreams of Bakhmet'ev and Korolev become a reality.
4.  KrioRus opens a new research center to improve cryobiology and hibernation techniques. We are open for cooperation, several new short-term projects are envisioned.

Also we urgently need to create a bank of life specimens located beyond Earth in case there is a planetary catastrophe.

Conference, demo zone and show room: from 10:00 to 19:00

Address: Congress Centre Technopolis Moscow, Volgogradsky prospekt, 42/5 (metro Tekstilschiki)


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