Dewars transportation to the new cryonics facility

Dear friends and supporters!

KrioRus is pleased to inform you that on the 26th of November 2021, we have successfully transported Anabios-1, Anabios-2 and Anabios-3 dewars to our new cryonics facility in the Tver region.

It was not an easy task at all, as beside the technical complexity of transportation, the situation was aggravated by the fact that the company's property was completely unlawfully held by persons who had nothing to do with the company.

We remind you that first, we tried to transport our dewars on the 7th of September 2021. It was supposed to be a completely regular transportation of the company's equipment, which was suddenly and completely unlawfully interrupted by D. Medvedev and A. Samykin. They called the police and provided them with fake documents of equipment ownership, and thus they deliberately slandered the current director of the company, V. Udalova, that she allegedly abducted 3 dewars: Anabios-1, Anabios-2 and Anabios-3. Of course, in response to this, the police launched a pre-trial check on the accusation of D. Medvedev about the theft of dewars from him by V. Udalova. Also, simultaneously D. Medvedev began a slanderous PR campaign against KrioRus and personally V. Udalovoy, spreading slanderous information in the media and on various Internet resources.

A month later, on the 7th of October 2021, according to the results of this pre-trial check, it was decided that a criminal case against V. Udalova would not be initiated, since the prosecutor's office did not find any corpus delicti in V. Udalova's actions, which was official confirmation that D. Medvedev deliberately slandered V. Udalova and unreasonably accused her of theft.

A month later, the police and prosecutor's office of Sergiev Posad finally completed the examination of the issue of the ownership of the Anabios-1, Anabios-2, Anabios-3 dewars, and it was decided that this equipment belongs to KrioRus LLC and the company can use them at their own discretion.

Today, all full-body patients of KrioRus are where they belong: in the new storage facility of KrioRus in the Tver region.

We express our deep gratitude to all people who took part in the transportation of dewar!

We would like to thank the Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights for the provided legal assistance. Information on the legal grounds of transportation can be found on the website of the Association:


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