Outstanding Philosopher Igor Vishev Has Been Cryopreserved

On June 7, 2024, the esteemed Russian philosopher and Doctor of Philosophy, Igor Vishev, was cryopreserved by the Russian cryonics company KrioRus.

Igor Vishev was a passionate advocate for cryonics and human immortality. Completely blind since the age of 14, he defended his doctoral dissertation in 1990, presenting a comprehensive scientific report titled “The Problem of Death and Immortality of Man: Formation, Evolution, and Prospects for Solution.”

Igor Vishev frequently met with the management of our company. The last meeting occurred in February 2023, when Valeriya Pride (Valeriya Mayamsina), the CEO of KrioRus, visited Chelyabinsk to film several documentaries, including one about Igor Vishev.

We keep many books written by Igor Vishev and donated by him to our library, along with numerous digitized photographs and videos.

We are eternally grateful to Igor Vishev for his extensive work in developing, promoting, and popularizing the concepts of human immortality and cryonics.

Vishev’s first wife was cryopreserved by our company in 2011 after a heart attack. Igor Vishev himself signed a contract with us in March 2009. And so, after 15 years, according to our contract, the brain of Igor, our dear friend and ally, has been cryopreserved.

The procedure was performed using our standard vitrification technology with KrioRus vitrification solution. An important professional and organizational role in this process was carried out by the respected director of the STELS Institute of Forensic Medicine, Alexander Vlasov, to whom we express our warm gratitude.

We hope that in the future, the technologies which are currently being developed to revive cryonics patients will succeed, allowing us to meet Igor again and explore and transform our Universe together.

We would like to show you some photographs and video interviews taken by Valeriya in January 2023.


Игорь Владимирович дома 2023 года 



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