The film about cryonics wins a prize at the international film festival

The Killers, the short film about cryonics shot by Russian director Vlad Kozlov, who works in the USA, won a Best Director prize at the 37th Flickers: Rhode Island International Film Festival (RIIFF).

RIIFF is one of the most important international film festivals supporting independent filmmakers. The festival has been held annually since 1982 during the second week of August and lasts six days. Its main goal is to discover new talents of independent cinema. More than 5,426 independent films selected from more than 68,000 received applications were presented to the public during the time of existence of the festival. In 2019, 321 films from 51 countries were presented at the festival, which was held from August 6 to August 11 in Rhode Island, USA.

Cryonics as the central element of the plot was shown in a film of this level for the first time. The main roles in the film are played by world-famous actors such as Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks) and Franco Nero (Django). The role of Max, the main character, was played by a young and promising American actor Jeff DuJardin, who had previously worked with Vlad Kozlov on the set of Silent Life, the film about the star of silent film Rudolf Valentino. The producers of the film are Vlad Kozlov, Natalia Dar, Yury Ponomarev, Dmitry Pristankov and David Roberson.

The plot of this neo-noir film is built around the attempts of a young lawyer Max (D. DuJardin) to cryopreserve his grandfather (F. Nero), who raised him instead of the father and now is dying of cancer. Max believes that thus, thanks to science, he will be able to save his beloved grandfather from death, but Max's pious mother, Laura (Sh. Fenn), decides to impede his attempts. Despite all the agreements she is trying to prevent the cryopreservation at the last moment, which leads to a terrible tragedy. The plot is based on a true story.

The director's original style is also interesting: for some roles Vlad Kozlov invited people who played themselves, for example, Jim Yount, who heads the American Cryonics Society. Valery Udalova, CEO of KrioRus, and Danila Medvedev, Chairman of the Board of Directors, visited the office of the American Cryonics Society in 2010 and are personally acquainted with Jim Yount.

Unfortunately, the film is partially similar to the real tragic stories related to cryonics, which took place both in America and Russia. The unexpected denouement of the film once again reminds us of the dramas that can unfold due to the generation gap, when young people understand and accept cryonics, believe in science and new technologies, and most of their older relatives reject this idea until the very last moment, not only because of religious beliefs but rather because of their conservative views and unwillingness to accept anything new. (Read the article 10 worst mistakes of a cryonisist and find out how to avoid such situations).

According to the director, the film greatly excited the public's interest at the festival, and therefore it was decided to extend the 40-minute film in the future.

We would like to say that the KrioRus's CEO also gave some recommendations to Vlad Kozlov on the facts concerning cryonics.

KrioRus sincerely congratulates Vlad Kozlov and his team with the victory and thanks for the choice of cryonics as the main theme of the film and for creating a bright and positive new image of the hero. We wish Vlad further success in his work and to make a full-length version of the film!


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