Transhumanists from 20 countries and 4 continents are united around a technoprogressive statement.


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Meeting in Brussels at the initiative of the French Transhumanist
Association - Technoprog for the international conference TransVision , the participants recall that:

The world is unacceptably unequal and dangerous. Emerging
technologies could make things dramatically better or worse.
Unfortunately, too few people yet understand the dimensions of both the threats and rewardsthat humanity faces. It is time for technoprogressives, transhumanists and futurists to step
up our political engagement and attempt to influence the course of events.

They add

Наше видение включает в себя устойчивое изобилие: экологически чистой энергии, здоровой пищи, материальных благ и жилья, доступное здравоохранение, всесторонне развитый интеллект и психическое благополучие, а тOur vision includes a sustainable abundance of: clean energy, healthy food, material goods and shelter, affordable healthcare, all-round intelligence and mental well-being, and time for
creativity – enabled by the application of converging technologies, with no-one left behind.

In this context, they urge that the longevity objective be taken into account by the World Health Organization in the framework of the Thirteenth General Program of Work
(2019–2023) (to let it know, react here ).

They symbolically offered transhumanist clothes to Manneken Pis, the oldest and rejuvenated citizen of Brussels.

Future activities are being organized. A common calendar will soon be established. The next TransVision conference will be held in Madrid from 19 to 21 October 2018.

Marc Roux, President of the Association Française Transhumaniste - Technoprog +33 677 855 733 Didier Coeurnelle, Vice President +32 489 43 55 94