On September 27, 2017 ICO CryoGen will be presented at InvestBazar & CryptoBazar in Dubai!

Our project ICO CryoGen will be presented at the InvestBazar & CryptoBazar event in Dubai. There will be representatives of the most popular projects and platforms such as Ethereum, Universa, LISK, DubaiCoin, TenX, NXN, ArabianChain along with various government projects of Dubai and from the Netherlands.

The program will showcase presentation of the TOP-10 most promising international investment projects selected by the InvestBazar team. More than 200 private investors and official representatives of the largest foreign companies are expected to attend the event. Of course, our own project is most worthy to be presented on site at the event, but unfortunately, we only recently learned about it, too late even to secure published announcements of our project.

Investing prior to launch of an ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) significantly reduces risks and increases profitability, as empirically corroborated by numerous successful launches and implementations working with CryptoBazar. Because careful selection and prior experience in venture investment makes it possible bring projects to their greatest potential, ICO CryoGen has assembled a professional team with successful experience in the field of blockchain configuration

The technology of blockchain programming and crypto currency allows investors to return tenfold revenues on promising projects such as CryoGen.me. Our innovative project of R&D in science and cryonics will enable the technological application of reversible freezing for deep space travel. But there are many applications. We foresee exponential growth from the inception of a safe and reliable readily reversible cryonics. All of this makes our project most promising for blockchain  investment attracting crypto currency.

Taking part in InvestBazar & CryptoBazar Dubai, our objective is to form a truly world class advisory board, with the agenda:

  • Incorporation under the jurisdiction of Switzerland, as the laws of this country are most friendly to cryonics.
  • Bring together and secure like-minded investors who share our invectives in providing support for breakthrough game changing scientific and technological research in cryonics. 
  • Cultivate media promotion for the CryoGen marketing plan all the way through pre-ICO, ICO, and post-ICO phases of capitalization.  

We invite interested investors and cryonics adherents to support Project CryoGen! Statistics show that investments in blockchain projects and assets of highly technological projects over the past year, demonstrate positively phenomenal growth. The total market capitalization has more than tripled.

We understand that choosing a promising project for investment is a difficult process. Since the assessment requires a deep understanding of the subject area and intuition in forecasting impending developments in prospects of whichever industry. Therefore, the expert evaluation of the InvestBazar & CryptoBazar team and their experience in launching successful ICO projects, should be taken as an early stage indicator to guarantee high profit margins and reliability of future projects.