Report on participation of KrioRus in Nekropol —Tanexpo 2019

From 30 October to 1 November, KrioRus took part in the 27th international exhibition Nekropol —Tanexpo 2019, which was held on the territory of VDNKh in Moscow. This year more than 200 representatives of companies from Russia and abroad took part in the exhibition.

This is not the first Nekropol—Tanexpo in which our company takes part, so many exhibitors already know our company. They warmly greeted Valeria Udalova, CEO.

At our booth 709, our employees and volunteers told visitors about cryonics as an alternative to burial or cremation, as well as handed out leaflets and books about new technologies.

This year the aim of our participation in the exhibition was to find as many representatives in the sphere of funeral services who would like to become our partners and offer cryonics services to their clients. A special offer of cooperation on quite favourable terms was prepared for funeral agents. As a result, we noted a high interest among funeral agents not only from Moscow and the Moscow region, but also from various regions, and many of them, understanding the potential of cryonics, were interested in the opportunity to become our exclusive partners.

In general, Nekropol —Tanexpo 2019 was a great opportunity to find partners. For example, the Latvian company Angel, which we met at one of these exhibitions in 2016, now wants not only to help us with transportation, but also actively seek to become our representative office in Latvia. We are very happy about this, as we are completely satisfied with the services provided by this company for us during two years of our cooperation.

We were also pleased to note that the funeral industry is not avoided by modern technology. For example, at this Nekropol-Tanexpo 2019 there was presented Lapidaris, a stone with a chip, which by means of a mobile app allows you to save the digital memory of the deceased, which is an excellent alternative to fading photos and inscriptions on the tombstone. In some ways, this echoes our digital immortality initiative.

One of the most anticipated technologies presented this year was the technology of the Italian company Shentgai Europe s.r. l., which allows storing the body for some time without refrigeration equipment. The product is a filter that prevents the spread of bacteria and keeps the air around the body clean. The advantage of this technology is its non-invasiveness, and hence the minimization of occupational risks.

We thank the organizers of the exhibition and our partners for the opportunity to participate in this event. Unfortunately, our good friend and the President of Nekropol, Sergey Borisovich Yakushin due to poor health could not take part in the exhibition this year. We are very sorry about this fact and wish Sergey Borisovich to get well as soon as possible!

We also express our gratitude to all the volunteers of KrioRus, who took an active part in the preparation and taking part in the exhibition.


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