Press release on the investigation into a false theft claim

Dear clients of KrioRus and cryonics supporters!

As you know, on the 9th of September 2021, D. Medvedev, the ex-husband of V. Udalova who is the CEO of KrioRus LLC, and one of the minority co-founders of the company, initiated an unprecedented slanderous PR campaign against KrioRus LLC and its director V. Udalova.

We would like to inform you that today, on the 7th of October 2021, the police completed a pre-trial check regarding the accusation of D. Medvedev that V. Udalova allegedly abducted 3 dewars "Anabios-1", "Anabios-2" and "Anabios-3".

Based on the results of this pre-trial check, the police will not initiate a criminal case against V. Udalova since the prosecutor's office did not find any corpus delicti in the actions of V. Udalova., which is the official confirmation that D. Medvedev intentionally slandered V. Udalova and accused her of theft without any proofs.

Soon we will receive all the official documents on this check and will publish excerpts from these documents.

Once again, we ask you to treat all incoming information from D. Medvedev, A. Samykin and D. Kvasnikov with caution, as well as request official information on the state of affairs of the KrioRus company from its employees and the General Director V. Udalova.


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