Our plans after the exhibition

During the exhibition, we were seriously considering what to do with such a strong interest from attendees. Two weeks later, already after the exhibition, we've come to an understanding of what one might do with the contacts we've gathered. We've began formulating concrete plans for implementation of emerging ideas and realising the opportunities.

Seeing how serious an interest Filippo Polistena has shown in the development of cryonics, we've decided to enter into serious business partnership with him (or rather, with his new company «Polistena Humancriopreservation»). Before the begginning of "TanExpo 2016" we have officially declared that "KrioRus» authorizes «Polistena Humancriopreservation» to do the following:

  • brokering new customers for the company "KrioRus"
  • primary cryo treatment of patients bodies and, with proper training and where it is possible, - perfusion,
  • preparation of necessary papaerwork for the transportation of cryopatients to the Russian Federation,
  • organizing delivery of cryopatients to Russia.

In future we plan to expand cooperation, based on mutual trust and professionalism.

We will try to develop relationships with Polish, Latvian, Ukrainian, Russian and Mexican organizations, whose representatives we've met in Bologna. We believe that many of these meetings will become growth points for cryonics worldwide.

Since our Italian partners have repeatedly said that many customers will want to use euthanasia in neighboring Switzerland, we are going to continue to study this field in Switzerland, as well as in other countries, carefully considering all opportunities.

We provide RTD volunteers for numerous translations of important materials on cryonics from English and Russian languages into Italian. This should seriously help our Italian and Swiss partners (keep in mind, that in the Swiss canton of Ticino population speaks Italian).

Prevalence of the Italian language:

Распространенность итальянского языка



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