Conservation of animal DNA. Cloning

"KrioRus" is a leading company in Eurasia with cryonics as its core business. "KrioRus Animals" division is engaged in preservation of DNA of pets for their further cloning.  KrioRus Animals also provides cryopreservation services for animals of any kind.

Timely preservation of DNA of your pet (dog, cat, rabbit or even parrot) will save you from irretrievable loss of your pet and will give you the opportunity to clone it at any time, thanks to the stored genetic material

Why do we need to preserve DNA

  • The animal's unique genetic code will be preserved and will not disappear from the face of the planet;
  • With your pet's DNA saved, you can clone your pet at any time and get a friend who will be a complete copy of your pet. A piece of your favorite creature will always be by your side. This service is predicted to become very cheap in the near future.
  • If you are involved in breeding or research, you will always have the opportunity to analyze the stored DNA to determine the genetic characteristics of the animal.

How to organize a DNA collection

If you are a resident of Moscow or Moscow suburbs, our specialists can make a home visit to collect a biosample. Or you can come to our office on your own.

If you are a resident of another city, DNA collection and delivery is discussed individually.

Contacts for communication
Tel: 8 (962) 947-50-79


DNA is collected by specially trained personnel in a sterile environment to avoid contamination (contamination of the sample with foreign DNA).
After collection, the biosample is pulverized, treated with cryoprotectants and placed in a special tube for storage.Liquid nitrogen DNA storage tube
While in the tube, the biosample containing DNA undergoes a cooling stage, after which it is transported to our cryobank. Permanent storage of DNA is performed in the cryo center at liquid nitrogen temperature (-196° C).


According to our Contract, the sample storage period is 25 years.
The cost of this service, including collection, is from 100,000 rubles.

At this time, the cost of full genome decoding is high, so it is optimal to store DNA until the cost becomes affordable.

After 25 years, you will also be able to prolong the contract for storing the biosample by paying for this service additionally.

  • Transportation of the biosample is not included and is charged separately.
  • Transportation of the sample in a low-temperature environment is organized by the client himself or with the help of CryoRus Animals.


We are official partners of the Chinese pet cloning company Sinogene Biotechnology. Currently, cloning a dog or cat costs is from 40,000.

Conservation of DNA of wild and rare animals

In addition to storing the DNA of pets, the KrioRus Animals project is working to collect DNA from wild and rare animals in order to preserve the unique genetic diversity of our planet's fauna.
The collected DNA will help prevent the extinction of rare species and preserve genetic intraspecific diversity.
By preserving the DNA of your pets, you become a part of our project.



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