"CryoRus" awards the winners of the literary contest!

Recently, the Dilettante magazine website hosted a cryonics essay contest called "Freeze Me".

Our cryocompany - although we have not been contacted by the magazine's management - announced that the winners would receive a special prize - their DNA would be stored in CryoRus and later sequenced.

These are the usual conditions for DNA storage at CryoRus. With the upcoming price increase at CryoRus in February, the value of the prize is going up! :-)

And now the winners have been announced!

    • 1st place - Elena Milova
    • 2nd place - Denis Rysev
    • 3rd place - shared between Aurora Borealis and Alexey Samykin

We invite the winners to the RTD office to sign a contract (free of charge for them) and take DNA! If someone cannot come, we will solve the issue by mail.

This is an official message from the director of CryoRus.

P.S. You can read all the works, including the prize-winning ones, here.


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