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"TanExpo" is a reasonably new funeral business exhibition, but it quickly became - thanks to its scale - one of the leading exhibitions of the funeral industry. It was held for the first time in Bologna in 2014. And in promotion literature of 2016 it has been already stated that it welcomed 16,500 professionals from around the world and that 200 participants represented a total of 55 countries.

And all this - on a glorious 23 000 m2 of exhibition space.

Website "TANEXPO 2016" exhibition:

Сайт выставки "TanExpo"













This site, of course,contained a section on "KrioRus" - as as it did for each participant:

Раздел "КриоРуса" на сайте выставки














Exhibition complex

The exhibition was held at the exhibition complex "BolognaFiere".

Map of the exhibition complex

План выставочного комплекса

Bologna Fiere exhibition center occupies 375,000 m2 of both indoor and outdoor exhibition and service spaces. Total service area is 36,000 m2.

18 rooms BolognaFiere are fully electrified, air-conditioned and equipped with IT systems.

BolognaFiere is the first exhibition center with its own highway bypass. If you are traveling in a helicopter, you can make use of the helipad, located on the roof of the hall 16-18.

Railway station "BolognaFiere" handles special trains for exhibitions with the highest attendance rate.

Exhibition Centre "BolognaFiere" - website :
Сайт BolognaFiere

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