To bury the body ... or to freeze it for recovery in the future? Cryonics at the funeral industry exhibition

The Russian cryocompany "KrioRus" is taking part in the international industry exhibition "TanExpo"-2016, which is being held from April 1-3 in Bologna, Italy.

The organizers have invited "KrioRus" to give funeral business professionals from around the world a detailed overview of cryonics - a set of technologies that allow us to preserve the body of the deceased at extremely low temperatures as an alternative to burial. According to the company’s representatives, cryopreservation is not just a new form of burial, but a chance for the deceased to be revived and continue life in the future.

"KRIORUS" (Russia) Hall 16 Stand B1


Г-н Филиппо Полистена

In 2013 "KrioRus" initiated an active discussion about the problems of cryonics with mortuary experts. The company presented at “Necropolis", Russia’s largest funeral exhibition. "KrioRus" received a gold medal at the exhibition for the introduction of DNA cryopreservation services. It turned out close communications with the funeral industry let them simplify and shorten the time between death and cryopreservation. This is important because the quality of the cryopreservation depends on the time elapsed from the moment of death - the sooner the body is retrieved, the less damage will be incurred, and thus the patient’s chances of resuscitation are improved.

We want to express thanks to Mr. Filippo Palestina, our new partner in Italy, Only thanks to his support of our participation - as well as the other Italian cryonicists who wish to be incognito, "KrioRus" has a chance to take a worthy part in this important event. Filippo Polistena - 4-th generation funeral director, the funeral of his family business started in 1860!

Additionally, KrioRus is offering a unique opportunity to young professionals of the funeral business to acquire an innovative specialization. This opportunity is particularly interesting for pathologists and experts in embalming. Many of them agree with the life-affirming mission of "KrioRus". In February 2016 a cryonics specialization will be introduced for the first time in funeral business training courses.

Обучение на тренинге по крионике в компании "КриоРус"

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The funeral industry itself is showing Interest in cryopreservation service development. Cryonics is an environmentally friendly technology that does not harm nature, unlike some other traditional funeral practices. Compact storage in Dewar vessels conserve land compared to traditional cemeteries.

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For more information, please call Danila Medvedev (vice-president): +7 905 768 04 57, . Language ​​- English.



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