Report on «TanExpo 2016» exhibition

Логотип выставки "TanExpo2016"




Our presence at the «TanExpo2016» exhibition in Bologna in April 2016 would never have happened nor would have been as successful without the direct participation of some wonderful people. Here we would like to express our gratitude to them.

First of all, we want to thank Sergei Borisovich Yakushin - "owner" of the most famous Russian exhibition of funeral services "Necropolis", which is now running for more than 20 years. For several years now, purely out of interest in new technologies and cryonics, Sergey Borisovich has been inviting us to take part in this exhibition on very favorable conditions. It was at this exhibiton last fall, "Necropolis-TANEXPO World Russia 2015," that we met with the organizers of the «TanExpo» exhibition, who took interest in cryonics and invited us to take part in «TanExpo2016» in April 2016 in Bologna.

Sergey YakushinTherefore, we would also like to thank Mr. Pietro Innocenti and Alberto Leanza. It is because of your evident interest and our 2-hour long conversation at your stand at the "Necropolis-Tanexpo» exhibition, that we thought that - maybe there is some reason in the presence of a cryonics company at the European funeral exhibition. And it was proven that, we were not wrong!

But this idea undoubtably would've been filed for a few years in the "Ideas" section on our to-do list, if not for the energy and enthusiasm of our good friend cryonicist from Italy, who wished to remain unknown to the general public for the time being. The very idea that it is necessary to have a "KrioRus" booth in Bologna belongs to him.

Also we would like to say that he has showen great enthusiasm (even despite some language barrier) and has put a lot of effort in providing help to organize our participation in this event, and - something that we feel is especially important - has impressed his childhood friend Filippo Polistenu with this idea. We can not yet show a portrait of this hero (we respect his wish to remain anonymous), but we show instead a portrait of another hero, who has saved many lives. Who knows, maybe the initiative and energy of our friend will pave the way to a new life through cryonics for hundreds of thousands of Italians in the future.

And, of course, our many thanks go to Mr Filippo Polistena for resolution of the majority of financial issues related to the booth purchase, its arrangement, printing leaflets, posters, flyers. We express our gratitude for his endless enthusiasm and great interest in cryonics, constant work at our booth (that was being used jointly with his funeral company), and for making it possible for us to meet many influential people in the funeral industry.

Филиппо Полистена

Логотип компании "Территория берндов"

We also thank all those who worked to create beautiful booklet on cryonics and "KrioRus" in Italian. First of all - we thank Tatiana Shifrin for beautiful design and her ability to provide a great service in a short time. As well as for her talented vision of our booklet! For uninterruptible, bubbling fountain of ideas!

And thanks to Andrey Kondratyev, which made most of the work to create beautiful infographics for the booklet and website "KrioRus" (in several languages). He is humble, as well as our Italian incognito, and so he is rewarded with "Neo" too.

Анастасия Шин и Татьяна Шифрина Pietro Innocenti

Our personal thanks individually, go out to each and every member of the entire staff of Tatiana's company, "Brand's Territory", especially to Anastasia Shin, Tatyana's friend and co-editor of their remarkable magazine "Gentl's", for several years now publishing articles authored by the top tier management of KrioRus.

In addition we are infinitely grateful to those who has helped with the translation - both for printed materials, and during the exhibition itself: Helena Serebryannikova, Tanyana Hayda, Helena Milova, Danila Medvedev (also for his assistance in procuring visas), Gianni la Conti, and Emilio Saad. And a separate thank you goes to Ivan Stepin, who has provided the departing "KrioRus" team with required printed materials.

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