KrioRus on Necropolis – Tanexpo World Russia 2016 exhibition – day one

Гладиаторы крионикиWe are friends with the head of the exhibition Sergey Borisovich Yakushin, for a long time, since 2013, and now we are maintaining friendly relationship with everyone in his great team and with a lot of exhibition partners – professionals in the field of funeral services.

Why is it important? For us, the people in funeral industry are our closest allies, with them, as well as with pathologists, we are working during cryopreservations. All these years, we have seen that the employees of the funeral industry are helping us with great pleasure and interest. We have learned to work with them, and it seems to us, we have finally learned now. And it's not a coincidence that in 2016, after several years of study and trial, we started to develop the marketing network together with the funeral companies.

Of course, we are only at the beginning, but this year we have already entered into a partnership agreement with the Italian funeral agency of Mr. Filippo Polistena. By the way, for working in the cryonics field they have purchased the necessary equipment – a special car for transportation of bodies at very low temperatures. The Italian lawyers are working on the legal issues right now. The Polistena HumanPreservation company would be our representative in Italy and Europe. But we are not yet ready to give anyone the opportunity to be an exclusive representative.

Gradually, by getting to know different people, and meeting them at such exhibitions, we approached a significant event – at October 20, at the second day of the exhibition, we will sign an agreement on strategic partnership with Angel company. It is Latvian company, it has its head office in Riga and will soon open an office in London. The ability to promptly respond to cryonics cases across all Europe is very important to us.

The company is located in the European Union and is a professional body transporter. We worked together with them on the cryonics case in Estonia, then the company's employees quickly fabricated the container meeting all international requirements for transportation of the body in dry ice and further equipped the container, adapting it to our needs. We understand each other very well with the company's management, in particular with Alexander Zambzhetskiy, and we held the round of preliminary talks with the company's representatives on first day of the exhibition. Everything was great, we understood each other very well and we have found solutions to all the question that was discussed. We believe that this partnership will be important to promote cryonics services in Europe and this is a significant step forward.

On this exhibition we also have done something that we have planned for a long time – we agreed to advance negotiations with SPOC – the Union of Funeral Organizations and Crematoriums. This organization is located in St. Petersburg. At October 1, we entered into a contract with the company "Cryonics Group", they will be representing the interests of KrioRus in St. Petersburg. However, their effective operation is impossible without close contact with the funeral industry. Now we have agreed that the director of "KrioRus" Valery Udalova (Pride) will attend the talks in SPOC together with our representatives in the Northwestern Federal District, the "Cryonics Group", which has yet to gain experience and make the first steps. We believe in the success of this enterprise.

We are also very pleased that at the exhibition we have agreed that the State Unitary Enterprise "Ritual" in Izhevsk (Republic of Udmurtia) will represent "KrioRus" in the region and we have discussed how it will be done technically.

These are very remarkable results of the first day of the exhibition. And that's not all the news. There are also other talks currently underway, we're not sure of the prospects right now, still, there is a lot of interest in cryonics and it is clear why: the technology evolves, we have shown our seriousness and stability and everything will be even more interesting in the future.

And to make it more interesting today we have delivered specially designed cakes to the exhibition. It seems to us that the designer has managed to reflect the common theme of technology development between cryonics and the funeral industry. On the photo you can see ice leaves and berries as if powdered with frost. And, of course, the cakes were delicious. We gave them to all our partners. We want to thank Anastasia Shin, acting as creative director of this small project, for an interesting design, prepared on the very short notice, and for the very good taste of these gifts.

On the second day, October 20, we will continue to work at the exhibition, and we will sign of a strategic agreement with Angel company. We hope that the media agency "LUK-MEDIA", what makes the media coverage for the funeral exhibitions, will film this event, so it can be a landmark in the development of cryonics in Europe.

We also have ongoing discussions and a lot of talks with people who come to the exhibition from different locations, and all of them are interested in cryonics. We are waiting for the next day.     

Подарок для господина ЯкушинаОт КриоРуса - Ангелу

Translated by Dmitriy Kvasnikov.


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