Why do we need Italy?

This morning, March 30, 2016, the first group of cryonicists left for Bologna (Italy) to participate in the exhibition Tan-Expo-2016.
The significance of this event for world cryonics might not be obvious to everyone, so I would like to elaborate.

We, supporters of cryonics, volunteers, and employees of cryonics organizations, always have to perform cryonics procedures in close cooperation with employees of the morgues and funeral homes. So far this is inevitable, since cryonics patients are considered dead from the moment of the declaration of death by doctors, and any actions related to them are then regulated by special laws, decrees, rules, as well as by the common norms of behavior.

Our interaction with the funeral industry employees varies, but at least in Russia it is quite positive. Many of them are interested in new things, besides, some of them acquire a possibility to earn additional income, which is rare in such a conservative field. Whereas in Australia last year one employee of the funeral industry could not understand cryonics, procrastinated to complete the work she agreed to do, and finally refused to do it under the excuse that… she started having nightmares.

In order to avoid such situations in the future, we constantly need to educate funeral workers. In Russia we have some opportunities to do so. But in the rest of the world it is more difficult. That is why the participation of KrioRus in a large international exhibit is very important. Last year 16500 top employees of funeral companies from more than 55 countries took part in this exhibit. This is a unique opportunity for the development of world cryonics.

We are bringing less materials than we should have for such a large exhibition, but we made a good brochure about cryonics with contemporary design. The brochure is in Italian, since we were invited there by our Italian partners, and also because we will participate in a stand of their Italian colleagues. So we made this brochure for them.

Besides printing copies, we uploaded it online and made a poster with the QR code for the stand. We also made a large map of technical processes in cryonics in English, and our Italian colleagues printed a 5-meter poster with this map for the back wall of our stand. So we hope that English-speaking funeral workers will also be able to understand it and, we hope, get interested. We also created special pages for our site in Russian, Italian, and English with the same map. 

We also hope to print enough flyers for the exhibit. In addition, we translated a well-known and popular article entitled “Scientific Justification for Cryonics Practice” by the former director of the Institute of Cryonics Benjamin Best (USA) into Italian. We uploaded it on our site and printed a large number of copies.
A minimum of 3 translators (EnglishRussianItalian) will work at the stand. In addition, our delegation speaks English. All of this gives us hope to reach one of our goals for this project: to educate a large number of funeral workers about cryonics and the prospects of collaboration between cryonicists and funeral workers. We also want to reach an agreement regarding collaboration with the most progressive of these people. We will report later about all of our hopes and goals for this 3-day exhibit.

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Translater by Anya Bernstein

Source: http://kriorus.ru/blogs/admin/Zachem-nam-Italiya


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