The "Time Machine" musician intends to revive his father.

Dina Karpitskaya, Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper, 21.08.2012.

Famous musician Sergei Kuzminok (former guitarist of the legendary band "Mashina Vremeni" and later director of Igor Talkov) could not come to terms with the death of his father. He froze his DNA and is sure that in the future he will be able to revive his deceased parent.

Vladimir Kuzminok died of cancer just a little before his 90th birthday. While he was still alive, Sergei told his father about the possibilities of cryonics (the practice of freezing only recently deceased patients to ultra-low (cryogenic) temperatures and their further preservation in liquid nitrogen. Scientists believe that thanks to cryonics, it is possible to preserve patients until that time in the future, when with the help of the latest technologies it will be possible to restore cells, tissues and all functions of the body as a whole - "MK"). But the pensioner was skeptical of his son's words. Meanwhile, the musician himself, being a medical doctor by education, has long been interested in scientific research on the topic of extending human life. Therefore, immediately after Vladimir's death, he turned to a special center to freeze and preserve at least a sample of his DNA:

- "Sergei did everything right - took a biopsy, put the test tube in liquid nitrogen and brought it to us," says Valeria Pryde, director of the Cryorus cryo-company. - So his father's biological element is safely stored with us.

The contract is signed with the cryocompany for 25 years. After this time it can be extended, or the genome can be decoded and stored digitally and synthesized if necessary:

- In a quarter of a century, decoding will cost pennies," Valeria says confidently. - However, if for Sergei and his relatives it will be important to preserve the DNA in its biological form - also not a problem.

- And will it be possible to recreate a deceased relative in the future?

- His body - unequivocally yes, personality - more difficult. Of course, DNA largely determines a person's character, his habits, preferences in food, music and so on. There is even a UN document which says that "the dignity of a person is determined by his DNA". But I don't think so, a person's dignity is determined by their actions. That's why I advise everyone who plans to revive their relatives and themselves in the future to leave not only biological material, but also informational material: letters, diaries, voice, video. Personally, I have been videotaping my life every day for the last 5 years. I'm sure it will all come in handy when they decide to revive me.

"CryoRus" is the first and only organization outside the United States that provides cryonics services, including storage of cryopatients (freezing the body, after death, completely). To date, 21 people and 10 animals have already been cryonized in Russia by this company. Dozens of people have already signed contracts with CryoRus for their own or their relatives' cryonization in case of their death. In April 2012, the contract was signed by the outstanding cryobiologist Yuri Igorevich Pichugin, who decided not only to cryonize in CryoRus, but also to conduct scientific research in the field of cryobiology in their laboratory. The largest cryopreservation facility is located in the US



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