Cryoconservation - what is it?

Cryopreservation is a sequence of complex procedures towards optimal preservation of the patient's brain and body cells. Timing for beginning the procedures is critical, as well as duration, alacrity, and cooling methods performed upon patients. Various cryoprotectants are devised  for cryonics. Cryoprotectants are solutions that replace a patient's blood and which counteract the development of ice crystals in the cells and the intercellular space. The operation of perfusion and storage of patients requires special expensive high-tech equipment.

The following is an English language presentation by Ben Best, the director of the American cryonics organization "Cryonics Institute", all about cryopreservation of the human brain. 

Упрощенная схема процесса перфузии


Below you can see a presentation on human neuropreservation by Ben Best, the director of the American cryocompany Cryonics Institute  (between 2003 and 2012).





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