Certificate of Participation for "TanExpo 2016"

We're used to the fact that after some company attends an exhibition in Russia or a conference or a forum abroad, all the participants are due to receive a diploma or certificate of the participation. It is a pleasant reminder and confirmation of the status of the company. The final fate of the document is usually to hang, framed on the wall, and notify incoming customers.

But, as it turned out, this tradition hasn't been present at the "TanExpo", and our request has been met with understanding, though not without some confusion. The administration was eager to put the stamp and signature on some paper form, but the form, is the certificate itself, did not exist! And thus we are very grateful to Tatiana Shifrin personally and to her PR agency "Brand's Territory" for the quick creation of such a form.

We print it out and - the only ones from this huge exhibition - brought home an officially certified certificate of the participant!

Сертификат участника

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