Our project "CryoGen" is growing - investors, Dubai ...

Логотип проекта CryoGen

Project CRYOGEN stands poised for the big ICO. The very first stage of the Pre-ICO is scheduled to commence on October 17. For now we remain in the phase of capitalization know as Private Placement.  We are working directly with a limited number of investors on terms especially favorable to them. This has already helped attracting the very first investments needed in order to attract further investment. For such is standard operating procedure. 

Наш Амбассадор Дмитрий


Even as we continue gathering our team, currently 30 strong or so, we are all hard at work producing documents, specifying positioning for external investors, and doing TK for smart contract programmers. Soon we may we reap the bounty of our labors.

Even so much as we are already doing right now,  presses the frontiers of cryonics and advances KrioRus. We now have a new blog on Medium, a well-known blogging platform for social journalism. And this is a first for us.  There are also new groups on Facebook, VKontakte and active chat on Telegram.

Backburner projects, long postponed and languishing unfunded, are now gearing up to go; awaiting vital infusions of capital. It's a whirlwind of action! 

We now attend crypto parties: mitapes and conferences. And today our envoy Dmitry is off to InvestBazar & CryptoBazar in Dubai to meet with investors! The event is scheduled for September 27 at the Diamond Hall in Rixos Premium Dubai. We hope for every success accruing from Dmitry's travels.