Presentation of the "For the right to life" human rights organisation


Photo: The press conference at the State Darwin Museum, the presentation of the Movement "For the right to life".

On September 6, 2010 at the State Darwin Museum held a presentation of the human rights movement "for the right to life", the organizers were the Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights and the Russian Transhumanist Movement.

Opening the press conference President of the Association of Lawyers for Human Rights Russia Evgeny Arkhipov, noted that, despite the fact that the "right to life is always considered as a fundamental and inalienable right of every person, however, there is a gap right from the modern medical research, legislation at both the nationally and internationally on this issue is outdated and flawed.
To such conclusion experts of the Association came analyzing violations of the rights of citizens who expressed their desire to be krionirovannymi, ie, whose body after biological death will be stored at ultralow temperatures until it becomes possible to complete resuscitation of the organism and its rejuvenation.

In addition, the experts of the Association of Lawyers of Russia for Human Rights, in particular, Dmitri Firsov, voiced by a number of problems arising from the lack of legal regulation in the already established relations in the field of cryonics. For example, when a man is in critical condition after the onset of biological death, when you need surgical intervention to save the cells, there is no obligation from the medical institutions to provide necessary medical care to such patients. Consequently, frequent, despite the fact that the man was willing to be krionirovannym, his right to life extension is broken. There are also administrative barriers when moving kriopatsientov across the border, air service, as there are no relevant rules and regulations governing the movement kriopatsientov.

Another important point: under current law the biological death of a person means ending its status as an independent subject of legal relations and advancing the legal consequences under the legal right, respectively, the person ceases to be the subject of ownership of the property belonging to it, moral rights also remains uncertain. Besides kriopatsient is not subject to legal and can not, through their representatives protect their rights, which leads to massive violations of human kriopatsientov.

Deputy Director of the Institute of Biology of Aging Igor Artyukhov also said the need for legal regulation, but most experts focused psychological aspect of perception cryonics. As noted Artyukhov, the possibility of prolonging life is resistance even among academics, but despite this, the science develops through a 40-50 year life extension and the elimination of aging may become a reality.

According to Valerie Pride, director of kriotsentra "KrioRus, now her clinic and kriopatsienty face violations of their rights in practice, when specialists on cryonics is no access to kriopatsientu or medical facility conducts an autopsy kriopatsienta that at times reduces the likelihood of resuscitation kriopatsienta in the future .

Final remarks on the evolution of law and science in connection with cryonics were given by Danila Medvedev, Chairman of the Board of KrioRus, philosopher and futurist.

As part of the "For the right to life" a "hot line" is set up: +7 (495) 916-75-85, on weekdays from 12.00 to 18.00, where specialists from the legal and medical fields will answer any questions to those who are interested in the cryonics opportunity or want to use science to extend their lives.



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