In the company "KrioRus" the 55th patient was cryopreserved

A 55-year-old woman, a former Italian citizen, died of cancer. Unfortunately, the form of cancer that this woman had is incurable at this level of development of modern medicine. But thanks to her will, she got a chance to find a new life, when the achievements of medicine will allow her to restore her life and give her a second life.
It was a person with progressive views, and so she wanted to be cryonized after the legal death. Her relatives signed a contract with KrioRus for the full body, according to which all the necessary measures were carried out to the highest standards.
As this subject is very delicate, we do not call the name of the deceased. Her body was delivered in a special hermetic coffin with cold gel packagies to the company "KrioRus". The process of cooling and preparing the body for transportation requires certain actions to be carried out as quickly and accurately as the quality.

Do not miss the unique chance to secure a rebirth

During the course of 2017, 32 cryo contracts for cryonics were signed with CryoRus. This demonstrates not only the growing confidence in our company, but also in cryonics in general. Today it is quite obvious that the future is behind the development of cryonics technologies, which should realize the most grandiose task for reversible freezing of a person!
Cryonics is becoming more and more grounded, especially in the light of recent experiments. Therefore, we decided to make every effort to maximize the rapid development and attract investment to create the ideal technology of reversible freezing.
Today, all cryonics supporters have a unique chance to take part in the CryoGen project, conducted by CryoRus and the NeuroDAO crypto fund, and to contribute to scientific progress.


Valeria Pride about the project "CryoGen" (video clip from the party)

ICO project CryoGen will begin on October 17, 2017

We would like to draw the attention of the cryonics supporters to the fact that if you buy CRYO tokens for $ 20,000 (1 token = $ 1) within the framework of the ICO, then according to the terms of this project, the discount for the fullbody cryopreservation will reach 50% at the Private Placement stage . This is absolutely unique offer. But it is connected with the initial stage of the ICO and will be effective until November 6.

If you want to take advantage of this unique offer, but you still have questions, please contact us as soon as possible



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