Презентация проекта CryoGen в Мадриде на конференции Transvision 2017 Brussels

Max Olivier, an active follower of cryonics and our friend, have presented the CryoGen project at the conference "CRIOPRESERVACIÓN HUMANA - AMBULANCIA AL FUTURO", which was held on October 14-15 in Madrid.

Cryonic Society, the first cryonics organization in Spain, has organized this conference on the occasion of the annual General Assembly of the Society. It was a significant event that gathered cryonics supporters from across the Europe.

An international conference of such scale is a significant event that does not happen often. Usually, the cryonics events where the achievements in cryonics are discussed are not very big and mostly local. So the presentation of the CryoGen project by KrioRus before such established community was essential for us.

We have learned about this conference quite unexpectedly, thanks to Max Olivier, who has experience in ICO and in investing. He contacted us and offered his assistance in organizing and conducting the presentation of the CryoGen project at the Transvision 2017 Brussels conference.

We have contacted the organizers of the conference and confirmed a presentation by Max Olivier. Max approves our project, and he knows most of the details about it. So he enthusiastically presented CryoGen to the cryonics community. He wanted to show ample opportunities and prospects that ICO gives for the development of cryonics all over the world.

We would like to give our special thanks to Andres Graaces and Alberto Sarmentero, who helped to organize Max's presentations about the CryoGen project. The talk was not prepared in advance, so it was relatively brief. We ask everyone who is considering an investment to contact the KrioRus company, the organizer of the CryoGen ICO, for additional details. Also, you can find more information on the CryoGen project official website http://cryogen.me/.

The conference, conducted by our partner Cryonic Society, was attended by famous scientists, politicians, economists. The following talks were presented:

  • Cayetano Santana. Advisor and Consultant. “Cryonics: Strategies for longer and better lives.”
  • Ramón Risco. Applied Physics  Professor by Seville Univerity. : “CRYOPRESERVATION.”
  • Joan Carrera Rotllan. Gynecologist, specializing in assisted reproduction. “Future and Evolution for the embryonic cryopreservation.”
  • Lluis Estrada. Neurophysiologist: “ Early stages in the Cryopreservation process and Human Biostasis .“
  • Luís González Lorenzo. Innovative Technology. Director of Gaia Program. “Current technologies for future problems.”
  • José Luís Cordeiro. HumanityPlus Director: “Cryopreservation around the world”: the past to the future.”
  • Iván Casal. Computer Engineer, Technological Projects: “Social, ethical and economic aspects of the Cryopreservation.”
  • Vitto Claut. Lawyer specialist in international criminal law. “Legal situation of the Cryonics in Italy.”

The Cryonics Society is the first non-profit organization in Spain that offers assistance to those who prefer cryopreservation and is a partner of KrioRus.

Max Olivier has shared his impressions: "The presentation was excellent, and the Spanish cryonics community knows about the CryoGen ICO project now! I have presented the ICO project and described this promising opportunity. This talk induced a great interest and many questions about the possibility to join the Cryogen project. Many participants have requested additional information on the project, for which I have recommended contacting KrioRus directly.

Four people also approached me, they were interested in cryopreservation for their families, and one of them is considering a cryopreservation for his cat. I have also told about my father, who is cryopreserved at KrioRus and about organizing the procedure of transportation and cryopreservation.”