Architects plan to build cryonics facilities at every cemetery. Press conference, July 3, 2014, Moscow

ARCHITECTS have developed a project to embed cryodepositories into cemeteries and temples. Russian know-how.

On July 3 at 12.00 at the State University of Land Management, the project of architectural complexes that include cryolaboratories and cryodepositories will be presented to general public and mass-media. Apart from this project, there is only one fully developed plan under weigh, for a cryocomplex called TIMESHIP. At an estimated cost of approximately $250 million.

Press-conference for the cemetery cryodepositories is dedicated to the projects "Temple of St. Andrew in the memorial complex of the military cemetery in Vladivostok"and "The Park-Museum "Moscow Palestine in the New Jerusalem". Every one of these outstanding projects include religious observance and monuments, a civil cryodepository in the function of tombs, and the cryolaboratory to carry on the procedures necessary for the successful perfusion and cooling. 

All the details are developed with full respect of Russian Orthodox tradition, they take unique design. The project "Temple of St. Andrew" has received the Golden award at the XIV-th All-Russian exhibition of scientific and technical art of youth.

The project reveals a future born before our very eyes. The architects put a great deal of energy and attention not only into strong aesthetics, but also upon meticulous technical detail, meeting the current stringent requirements of cryonics.

The press-conferences will include speeches delivered by university administration and Mikhail Lemonade a famous architect in the field of ritual architecture and Chief architect of the working group which developed the projects and will proceed with the work.  .

The authors of the project will talk about their creation and tell the story of their work. Kriorus Director Valerija Udalova (Pride), a renowned futurist, will also speak upon the KrioRus vision of an architectural future of cryonics, and what challenges will confront architects in the field of cryonics.

The press-conference will include conversation and photo op at an exhibition of   depictions and architectural models of the project.. All guests will receive a commemorative CD with project visual materials in high resolution.

Press conference will take place in the room at the Faculty of Architecture of the State University of Land Management, at Kazakova street, 15.
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Registration to the event: +7 (916) 324-86-92 (Alexander) and 7 (925) 079-31-84 (Andrew), and

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Cryonics  is the practice of cooling human bodies to ultralow (cryogenic) temperatures for their further preservation in liquid nitrogen. According to modern science, at such temperature biological objects can be stored for hundreds of years  unchanged. Using the services of cryonics, many people hope for a revival in the future when  progress in medicine will allow  healing them and actually bringing them back to life.

It is expected that in the second half of the 21st century with the help of nanotechnologydeveloping today at an incredible pace, it will be possible to repair cells and tissue and to restore all body functions, making the patient healthy and living again. Additional information about cryonics can be found here 

Michael Lemonade, - Doctor of Architecture, professor, the initiator and Master of Russian Funeral Order of Sympathy and Assistance, working in the field of funeral services www.похоронный-орден.рф, author of the book "Modern sorrow and mourning rituals Russia - Civil formulary ".

State University of Land Management - established in 1779. Website of the Faculty of Architecture:

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