"Right to life" as right to life extension

In the end of 2009 Danila Medvedev, Chairman of KrioRus, presented at the Terasem colloquium on the rights of futuristic persons. The topic was "Expanding the "Right to Life" concept to cover life preservation and life extension specifically".

There is a need for change in international law - expanding the "right to life" concept to mean "the right to preserve life and prolong life." Some specific concerns are

  • international regulation of cryonics patients transport with proper low temperature preservation in transit and
  • required changes in international and national law in order for cryonics patient to retain personhood status after the death.

Legal precedents and court decisions are required in order to support the change of the "right to life" into "the right to preserve life and prolong life".  

The presentation is included below.

An article based on this presentation will be prepared to be published by Terasemin in the proceedings of the colloquium.


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