Neuropreservation - all options

Now you can choose between several options of how to pay for cryopreservation — depending on your personal situation.

Option 1. Basic Neuropreservation

The price of neuropreservation for clients living outside Russia is  2 000 000 rubles. A single payment is made after signing the Contract. This option is primarily used for urgent cryopreservations without an existing contract in place. This option covers cryopreserving someone by a relative or a friend who becomes legally a Client or a future cryopreservation of the Client at any time in the future when death occurs.

As a reminder, the price of full body cryopreservation is  3 000 000 rubles.

Option 2. Neuropreservation, paid over one year

The basic price is modified in this case. At signing the contract clients living outside Russia pay  500 000 rubles and the rest is paid in installments over one year with a small premium to cover interest. Four payments of 500 000 rubles are made 3, 6, 9 and 12 months after signing the contract.

 ATTENTION! This option doesn't apply to an unexpected urgent cryopreservation of a dying (or dead) person. 

Option 3. Neuropreservation, fixed annual payment

Any person in good health (defined as a state when doctors do not predict a significantly elevated risk of death within the next several years), can sign a neuropreservation contract with a fixed annual payment. This option is a recommended replacement for life insurance cryonics payment setup.

The annual payment depends on the age of the client on the date of signing the contract (the amount doesn't change when the client moves into another age group) and the location of the client (transportation costs for remote zones, other than the first one are charged separately).

Annual payments calculation

Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tver 60000 rub/year (4000 rub/month) 96000 rub/year (8000 rub/month) 192000 rubles/year for 6 years, then 48000 rubles/year
North, North-West and Center of Russia 67300 rub/year (5600 rub/month) 115,200 rub/year (9600 rub/month) 211200 rubles/year for 6 years, then 67200 rubles/year
South Russia 81600 rub/year (6800 rub/month) 129600 rub/year (10800 rub/month) 225600 rubles/year for 6 years, then 81600 rubles/year
Siberia, Far East Russia + Europe 96000 rub/year (8000 rub/month) 144000 rub/year (12000 rub/month) 240000 rubles/year for 6 years, then 96000 rubles/year
Asia, Africa 192000 rub/year (16000 rub/month) 192000 rub/year (16000 rub/month) 288000 rub/year
USA, Canada 192000 rub/year (16000 rub/month) 288000 rub/year (24000 rub/month) 288000 rub/year
Americas, Australia 192000 rub/year (16000 rub/month) 288000 rub/year (24000 rub/month) 384000 rub/year

P.S. Annually, the payment can be indexed at the request of KrioRus LLC, based on ruble inflation.

The payment is done indefinitely each mounth or year in the amount specified in the contract, until death or a serious disability (not until a certain total amount is paid).

In case of a serious disability that has a strong adverse effect on client's income the annual payments are renegotated by KrioRus and the client and can be lowered after the disability is proven by a medical document.

KrioRus is obligated to perform a cryopreservation when the condition is met: the client pays annually or mounthly the payment specified in the contract or payment, renegotiated due to disability.






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