Приезд Мюррея Балларда

Вчера в Россию приехал Мюррей Баллард:

У него большие планы относительно съемок крионики в России. Вот какое письмо-обращение он написал для русских крионистов:

Dear Cryonicists,

My name is Murray Ballard, I am a documentary photographer from the UK, I have returned to Russia with the aim of completing the Russian chapter of my cryonics project – The Prospect of Immortality – which I am sure you know takes its name from the Robert Ettinger book first published in 1963. I started the project in 2006 by photographing the cryonics community in the UK, followed by the cryonics facilities in the USA. In April 2009 I travelled to Russia for the first time and spent a week meeting a number of cryonicists, I quickly realised that the Russian community was far larger than I had first thought and in order to photograph it comprehensively I would need to visit again for a much longer period of time.

I will be staying in Russia until the 5th March and over the course of the next 4 weeks I would like to meet and photograph as many of you as possible. My aim is to build a series of pictures, which represent Russian cryonics at this moment in time. I would also like to conduct a short interview with each of you, which will take the form of an informal discussion.

So far my photographs have been published in numerous newspapers and magazines in the UK and most recently the Italian publication ‘IL’ (Intelligence in Lifestyle) and will be published in the forthcoming March issue of the German GEO magazine. Although it has always been an important part of my practice to have my work published in the media my real target is to exhibit my work in gallery exhibitions and in September last year I was offered my first major opportunity to do this. In Spring 2011 I will have my first major solo exhibition at the Impressions Gallery in Bradford, UK. The idea is for this exhibition to tour to two other galleries in the UK before touring internationally.

Thank you in advance for your help and support with this endeavour.

With best wishes,


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