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Возможность в Швейцарии

can probably be done as a surgical procedure (the patient is not dead!). they have very strong individual self-determination rights. Bioethicist Prof. Olivier GUILLOD changed the legal status of death in 1996. За 10 тыс. франков он готов подробно изучить, как можно всё это сделать легальным. Во время диссертации он писал статью про легальность крионики.


Последовательность pre-mortem крионирования

the result of the legal due diligence:

What is needed is that the following stages are done.

1. patient was declared terminal by multiple doctors (including independent) - medical science cannot do anything

2. approval/permission from the patient or proxy

3. the patient needs to be transported to Switzerland (?)

4. we need a surgeon (brain surgeon) who will do a surgical intervention (anesthesia, drugs, -10C hypothermia)


5. more hypothermia

6. perfusion is started immediately (zero cerebral ischemia)

7. full body vitrification

8. coroner offers a death certificate

9. surgeon refuses to sign it and declares that the patient stays in operational condition and under his control

10. freezing and storage