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"TANEXPO 2016" results: information

How have the public reacted to our booth.

Exhibitions' results: contacts

1. Filippo Polistena has informed many of his Italian collegues about cryonics and new opportunities that it brings to the funeral industry, and as far as we have seen, many of them are highly inclined to develop cryonics in parallel with their traditional business;

2. We met a married couple, who own a small funeral business, who were interested in the development of cryonics for dogs. Italians just adore them;

3. We received an offer to promote cryonics from a major Russian funeral company;

Our Italian partners

Филиппо ПолистенаFirst of all, we would like once more to introduce Filippo Polistena, our new partner in Italy. Due primarily to his support (as wel as the support of another Italian cryonicist who currently wishes to remain anonymous), "KrioRus" had a chance to take significant part in this important event.

Наши итальянские партнеры

Филиппо Полистена Прежде всего, еще раз хотим Вам представить Филиппо Полистена, нашего нового партнера в Италии. Благодаря прежде всего его поддержке (но также  и поддержике другого итальянского криониста, пока пожелавшего остаться инкогнито), "КриоРус" имел возможность принять достойное участие в этом важном мероприятии.

Результаты "TanExpo2016": информация

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