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Pets cryopreservation

A beloved pet's life is all too brief, just too sweet to last. So what to do?

Many of us keep photos and videos. Once, only the wealthy could afford portrait paintings. Some even today, resort to taxidermy. But now there is cryonics for pets too, and the hope of future feasibility of delayed resuscitation back into life and full health. -a wonderful possibility to look forward to: a relationship resuming as if from it's prior last moment, because the patient will have no inkling of the time that has elapsed.

KrioRus is the only Russian company that cryonizes pets. In our cryostorage already await 5 dogs, 5 males cats and 1 female cat, and also 3 birds (tit and goldfinch). Pricing for such services are set individually depending upon pet size, species of animal, distance from residence to cryocenter and other factors. For instance, the value of a little cat in Moscow equal to 10 000 USD. At the same time the price for cryopreservation of a big dog body (50-70 kg) could come up to 25 000  USD.

The contract for cryopreservation includes:

primary cryopreservation (perfusion when it is possible),
indefinite term of cryostorage of the patient,
and revival of your pet in the future when such becomes technologically possible.

All procedures are carried out by proficient experts. But high quality of cryopreservation requires advance finalization of the agreement.

To reiterate, we have preserved 5 dogs, 6 cats and 3 birds, male and female.

Cryopatient Date of preservation Publication City/Region
1 Alice 10.01.2008 Story of preservation in Alice's owner's blog (rus) Moscow
2 Mikky     Croatia
3 Kalla 13.02.2010 First European cryodog is preserved (rus) Novo Mesto, Slovenia
4 Funny   Fani - Portuguese cryodog Porto, Portugal
5 Bonya (Bonaparte) 20.03.2012   Odintsovo, Moscow Region
6 Kuzya - cat 2009   Ramenskoye, Noscow Region
7 Philip - cat 02.01.2011 Moscow citizen preserves her beloved cat (rus) Electrostal, Moscow Region
8 Tanya - cat     Moscow
9 Kotya - cat     Moscow
10 Kitya - cat 2013 First cryocat of Saint-Petersbourg (rus) Saint-Petersbourg
11 Cat 16.01.2014 Hello, first Ukraine cryocat! (rus) Kiev, Ukraine
12 Tit     Moscow
13 Goldfinch     Moscow
14 Kriorus Nestling     Moscow

More information

Download the video of Alice’s perfusion in January 2008 (fragment) here (171 Mb, 7 minutes)