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Everlasting organisations

There are different people. Some people, when they find out about cryonics, immediately say: “It’s great!”. Usually, they sign the contract straight away or plan to do it soon. Others have objections. As a rule, these objections are untenable. Some people express the first thing they come across, such as the extravagance of the idea, shock, etc. One of the objections we often hear is that “such company must exist for a very long time”! “Is it possible for a company to exist so long to be able to carry out cryonics services?!”

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Why do we need Italy?

This morning, March 30, 2016, the first group of cryonicists left for Bologna (Italy) to participate in the exhibition Tan-Expo-2016.
The significance of this event for world cryonics might not be obvious to everyone, so I would like to elaborate.


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