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Статьи о крионике наших единомышленников

У «КриоРуса» очень много сторонников и единомышленников в самых различных уголках мира. Многие из них очень талантливые люди, при этом они стараются всячески помочь нам.  Вот, например, недавно г-н Райота Такахаши из Японии прислал нам вот эти замечательные, на наш взгляд, крионические прогнозы. Он сказал, что хочет способствовать развитию «КриоРуса» и написать еще больше статей, чтобы больше людей узнало о нашей компании. Предлагаю и вам ознакомиться с этими прогнозами, а, может, и поделиться этими статьями.

A turning point in human history

Cryonics preservation technology is incomplete. However, I expect that preservation technology will be complete after 2040. If cryonics does not damage cells when preserving patients, it may be safe to resuscitate in the future. Completion of preservation technology is a major invention. This is a major turning point in human history. So now it makes sense to prepare for the future use of cryonics.

Mankind needs cryonics until 30 years later

In the near future, human technology will evolve, and humanity will be able to create eyes, feet, and organs. I predict that by 2035, humankind will be able to make human organs. But even if I create an organ and replace it with a new one, I can only extend my lifespan by 10-30. We must not be illusioned. Because human beings are made of many cells. Our body is not only an organ. Since cells also deteriorate, we cannot avoid dying.
I think: medical technology will not be able to achieve immortality until around 2060. Even if we make organs, we cannot become immortal. So cryonics technology is needed until ~2060. We do not seek short happiness, but eternal life, happiness, peace and love.

I simulate: suppose a man saved $ 50,000. If he pays $ 50,000 for an organ exchange in the future, his money will disappear. He cannot do cryonics in the future. Also, if his other organs are damaged, he will have to pay another fee to create a new organ. Our money is limited. So I don't make organs. I can buy it but I do not buy it. Move my money to do cryonics.

The disadvantage of cryonics is that the cells are destroyed when frozen. But technology is evolving. I think humanity will overcome this within 20years. The invention of freezing that does not damage cells is the most important invention in human history. This is a major turning point for humanity. Cryonics is still important for humanity.

Cryonics that protects us from the risks of reincarnation

There is a risk for us to die. Suicide does not solve the current suffering. We may not die even if we die. What happens when I die? Will I disappear all? Or go to heaven? Or will I be reborn? We don't know what will happen. When I die, my memory is erased and I can't meet my family and friends again. If everything goes away, there is no problem. But if I am reborn again, there may be various difficulties. I was born on Earth or another planet, and all my memories are erased. In fact, we don't have an old memory now. I can't remember where I was before I was born. Where will I be next time I wake up? Am I a human or a fish or an insect? Is the planet I live in peaceful? Or it may be during the war. This suffering of ours may continue when we are reborn after death. So I do cryonics. It's a miracle that I exist. It is a miracle that I was born as a human. I want to keep this miracle. We do not want to lose this miracle moment. I want to see my family and friends again after 200 years.